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Articles - Caribbean, Mexico & Central America

Latest articles of Caribbean, Mexican and Central American interest. Click here for articles about the Maldives and the Seychelles:

Saint Lucia's spell, Daily Express, April 24, 2009
Dark, wild , mysterious, and rebellious. No, not the pirate ship that has sailed eerily into view as I glide through warm, azure Caribbean waters but the enigma that is Amy Winehouse. (St. Lucia) More>>

Aruba adventure, Sun Media, April 18, 2009
Given a choice between a snowy mountain and a sandy beach, I prefer the cold. (Aruba) More>>

You condo it in a breeze, Sun Media, March 12, 2009
Memorable vacation in the Dominican Republic. (Dominican Republic) More>>

Road tripping around Cuba, Sun Media, January 4, 2009
As the piercing winter wind whips past your ears and icy snow freezes to the strands of your hair, the lure of sandy white beaches and the warm Caribbean Ocean is like a sweet, cozy dream. (Cuba) More>>

Che's last stand, The Guardian, December 31, 2008
Fifty years ago, Che Guevara won the final battle of the Cuban revolution in Santa Clara. (Cuba) More>>

Glorious Guatemala, Sun Media, November 11, 2009
Exploring the land of volcanoes, one pedal stroke at a time. (Guatemala) More>>

Insider's guide to Havana, The Guardian, March 8, 2008
Ballet dancer Carlos Acosta takes us on tour round his home town of Havana. (Cuba) More>>

Slow train across Cuba, The Guardian, February 21, 2008
The Hershey line was built in 1917 by the chocolate company to transport workers. (Cuba) More>>

Havana good time, The Guardian, September 22, 2007
Music and art in the capital. (Cuba) More>>

Cuba libre, The Guardian, September 22, 2007
Simon Mills ducks out of the cigar factory and rum distillery tours of Trinidad and discovers empty beaches and impromptu gigs instead. (Cuba) More>>

Catch an island vibe, Sun Media, April 15, 2007
Laidback, scenic Jamaica perfect antidote to stress. (Jamaica) More>>

How to holiday like the A-list, The Guardian, March 11, 2007
On a Z-list budget. Brad, Rod and Uma all love Anguilla's empty shores and laid-back beach shacks, and you don't need a star's salary to join them, says Rob Crossan. (Anguilla) More>>

Caicos royals draw a crowd, Sun Media, November 1, 2006
On this tiny Caribbean island chain, conch is king, or, make that queen, as in Queen Conch. (Turks & Caicos) More>>

Living large on Anguilla, Sun Media, October 29, 2006
Tony island the darling of A-list celebs but you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy its charms. (Anguilla) More>>

Dreamin' of winter in Anguilla, Sun Media, October 22, 2006
Nothing cut-rate about island but apartments an affordable option. (Anguilla) More>>

Cancun bigger & better, Associated Press, October 20, 2006
Resort town bounces back to business a year after Hurricane Wilma. (Mexico) More>>

Bound for Barbados, Associated Press, October 13, 2006
Century-old stadium readies for Caribbean World Cup of Cricket. (Barbados) More>>

Cliff-diving a real high, Sun Media, September 20, 2006
Jump 9 metres into the water, or just have a drink at Jamaica's pirates cave bar and watch daredevils take the plunge. (Jamaica) More>>

Green giant (Eco-tourism in Nicaragua), The Guardian, September 13, 2006
Buzzing with wildlife, Nicaragua is tipped to eclipse neighbouring Costa Rica as a honeypot for eco-tourists. Sarah Gilbert presents her guide on how to avoid getting stung. (Nicaragua) More>>

Costa Rica's pure fun, Toronto Sun, September 5, 2006
The high-fives erupted as we spotted a rare roseate spoonbill in mid-flight but the white-faced capuchin monkeys that dance in the tree tops of this rainforest were camera shy and elusive. (Costa Rica) More>>

Low-key Barbados - avoiding the celebs, The Times, September 3, 2006
Cliff Richard and co might flock to the west coast of Barbados, but Sally Emerson finds the rest of the island far less snooty and far more fun. (Barbados) More>>

Diving for cheats in the Bahamas, The Times, August 8, 2006
Why bother passing your Padi when there's an easier way to dive? Stephen Bleach tests the all-new BOB. (The Bahamas) More>>

Cuba up in smokes, The Times, July 16, 2006
Mojitos, cigars and tinpot socialism can be a bewitching but bewildering blend, as Brian Schofield discovers on the Cuban tobacco trail. (Cuba) More>>

Another time, another country, The Guardian, July 15, 2006
Where could possibly double for 50s Cuba, the island Andy Garcia left as a child and the subject of his latest film? (Dominican Republic) More>>

Confit de canard - and super size me, The Guardian, July 9, 2006
The glitzy Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is turning itself into a sun-drenched theme park for gourmands, as Rebecca Seal reports. (The Bahamas) More>>

Sparrow's nest, The Guardian, July 8, 2006
Dominica's untamed rainforests and secret coves made it the perfect pirate's lair for Disney's latest blockbuster. (Dominica) More>>

Cancun gets back on its feet after Wilma, The Guardian, June 25, 2006
The road from Cancun to Tulum is flanked by mangrove trees, a low-lying jungle that once led magically to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. (Mexico) More>>

Paddling in paradise, Sun Media, May 11, 2006
Kayakers play in Puerto Rico. (Puerto Rico) More>>

24-Hour Room Service: The Esperanza Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Independent Online, May 6, 2006
The moment you answer the telephone in your room at the Esperanza. (Mexico) More>>

Anyone for cricket?, The Times, April 30, 2006
When the crowds reach St Lucia for the World Cup, there'll be plenty of room - the locals are inviting guests into their homes. (St. Lucia) More>>

Wild things, The Guardian, April 29, 2006
It's not called the 'rich coast' for nothing. (Costa Rica) More>>

Conquered by Antigua, Sun Media, April 9, 2006
Colourful colonial capital a great place to explore. (Guatemala) More>>

Fire-eating on Montego Bay? Yes, it's on the menu, The Times, April 8, 2006
If golf's your game, plus beaches, reggae nights and high security, Montego Bay is the place. (Jamaica) More>>

Destination weddings are hot!, Sun Media, March 30, 2006
Getting married outside in January is not an option for most brides. (Mexico) More>>

Curacao cuisine has many influences, Sun Media, March 25, 2006
Two things about the iguana: first, it's a lizard; second, it looks far more appetizing cooked than on the hoof. (Curacao) More>>

Cayman's sisters in solitude, Sun Media, March 25, 2006
There are three beautiful sister islands basking in the sunny Caribbean ocean waiting for you to call. (Cayman Islands) More>>

The good life, The Guardian, March 25, 2006
From Rita Hayworth to Princess Margaret, Tobago has been a playground for the rich and idle since the Forties. (Tobago) More>>

Reef encounters, Sun Media, March 30, 2006
First-time snorkeller finds plenty of adventure underwater. (Belize) More>>

The Barbados Celebrity fit club, The Times, March 18, 2006
On Barbados the only thing more beautiful than the beach is the people. Better still, some of them insist on bringing you drinks. (Barbados) More>>

Life's a carnival in the Caribbean, Sun Media, March 16, 2006
Just when you think you're out, it pulls you back in. (United States Virgin Islands) More>>

Riddle in the sands, Telegraph, March 13, 2006
London cabs and horse-drawn carts, eccentric bars and the world's biggest coral reef, Honduras has it all (Honduras) More>>

Wales or Belize? Tough call, The Guardian, March 11, 2006
Having a toddler doesn't mean you can't live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies on a tiny island in the Caribbean. (Belize) More>>

Danger in Venezuela: licence to coil, The Times, March 10, 2006
In the spray of Venezuela's Angel Falls, Simon Hacker finds beauty - and the beastly anaconda. (Venezuela) More>>

The most romantic resort in the Caribbean, The Times, March 5, 2006
A cosseted Sally Shalam managed to bag a room at Barbuda's Beach House ahead of the celebs. (Barbuda) More>>

More articles prior to March 2006.

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