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Trinidad & Tobago - Trip Reports

Island of Tobago & Diving

Just thought I would share with all of you a trip report from my visit to Tobago.

First an overview of Tobago. This Island is just 25 miles long and is part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, lying off the coast of Venezula. The people are extremely friendly and the island is very safe. Tourism has not been promoted, so the experiences in Tobago are very laid back. The usual tourists visiting the island are mainly British and German, with a few Americans. This will change since a new Hilton has just been completed and golf courses are being developed. Prices are similar to US, a good dinner is about $15.00 ($90.-100 TT). All in all most things are resonable. Diving is a little pricier than the keys, each dive (tank, weightbelt and airfill for 1 dive runs $35.00 - 45.00 US, with discounts for more dives. There are quite a number of beaches and a large primitive rainforest. Birwatching and other ecotourism activites are big here. On can also horseback ride near the forest across the interior of the island as aell as down Turtle Beach (their largest).

I dove 2 days (1 dive each day ) in Crown Point and 2 dives (one day) in Speyside. Visibility was at worst 40 to 50 feet and a miximum of 90 feet. Depth ranged from 40' to 75' for these dives. All dives we did were drift dives with the Dive master leading and a designated "sweep" who brought up the rear. We dove with R & Sea Diving in Crown Point. Rental equipment was adequate. The divemasters were excellent, stressing safety stops, etc. Boats were open fishing boats 25 - 30' in length. Dive locations were less than a mile from shore. Although we dove in December (end of the rainy season) the dry season, April, - July is supposed to be very better. Airfares are also much better in the summer.

Accommodations can range from under $100.00 per night to $250.00-300.00 per night. Crown point has more options and is more reasonable, as well as more restuarants, etc. Speyside (better diving) is about an hour to an hour and a half away (25 miles) with fewer options for dining.

Thanks to Ed for this trip report ...
January 2001

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