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St. Barts - Trip Reports

Carl Gustaf Hotel, Beaches and Places to Eat

April 30th to May 6th - 7 night stay.

This was our 1st over night trip to St. Barts; we went for a day trip and enjoyed the Island so much that we decided to spend a week on it.

Our Flight out from Anguilla to St. Barts via St. Martin was with Winair. The flights were reasonable on time and were without any problems. Upon leaving customs we were met at the airport by the hotel's private van.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted at the front desk and offered something to drink. Our Villa was a 2BR Suite with a nice private open air, with a beautiful view of the harbour of Gustavia, living room area, nice size plunge pool and sun lounging area.

Our bedroom was a separate enclosed area with a King-size bed and a bathroom - with separate shower, toilet area and dual sinks.

We had lunch and dinner at their Restaurant and it was very good but expensive $100.00 for 2 lunch, dinner varies. Desert GET THEIR CHOCHOLATE PLATE.

Continental Breakfast was served every morning on time from our patio. IN-Room refrig is well stocked with water, soda, beer etc. for a fee.

The Hotel was Great and the service was excellent. Hit the Manager's party, we met some nice people from the Washington, DC area.

Rented a car via the hotel from Avis nice 4WD automatic Jeep type with electric windows etc. @ $ 62/day.

Saturday, May 1st was their Labor Day holiday plus Sunday so a lot of restaurants and businesses were closed so we could not hit all the places mentioned from the I-Net.

We ate at the following restaurants:
Notes: tip is included at all restaurants - suggested 5% or 10% extra tip depending on service.

All restaurants charge extra for bottled water. You will be asked if you want a bottle. plain or with fizz.

L'Ocean - Gustavia -
Great place with excellent service to eat both lunch and dinner. Price for lunch for 2 $ 240 ff had their mixed fish dish excellent. Price for Dinner for 2 $ 670 ff about $ 115. US with wine and fixed price inclusive menu. Sea Bass was excellent, steak was ok Great outside deck, most people eat out there.

Maya's - Public -
As mentioned by people in previous posts - still a Great place to eat. Excellent Service. Had Mahi, Mahi and shrimp dishes. fixed price inclusive menu. Dinner for 2 $ 750 ff about $ 150. US with wine.

Le Patio - St. Jean.
Excellent place to eat. Great Sauce. Dinner for 2 with wine and desert - ala carte menu $ 550 ff about $ 90. US. Excellent Calamari and Shrimp dishes.

La Creperie - Gustavia.
Great lunch, breakfast and ice cream place. Lunch - 2 huge sandwiches with sodas $ 16. US. Crepes looked great.

Chez Domi - Gustavia.
Great place to eat. Stuffed crab - Great. Good fish and ribs. Lunch $ 235 ff or $ 43. US.

L'Escale - Gustavia.
Good pizza place. If you are not very hungry suggest you share a pizza and salad. We each had a pizza and soda. $ 249 ff or $ 50. US.

Vincent Adam - St. Jean.
Food was ok. Continuous crowd on a Sunday night up to 10 p.m. Dinner fixed price menu $ 195. ff each. extras tea/coffee $ 30 ff each refill, Souffli $ 30 ff very good. escargot excellent, chocolate tart with coconut milk GREAT. Total $ 135. US.

Francois Plantation - Colombier.
MUST GO. One of the greatest places to eat. FOOD & SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT. Cigar Bar. Sea Bass & Duck were great. ala carte menu. Dinners for 2 with wine no desert. $ 1140 ff. almost $ 200. US. Well worth the money. They also have a nice hotel with reasonable rates.


Shell Beach - Gustavia, just down the street from the hotel. Very nice beach. Lots and lots of shells.
La Saline Beach - Saline. This was also a nice beach. Check out the can Ashtrays.
Gouverneur - Great Beach, please park as requested. One of the nicest beaches.
Colombeir - 15 to 20 min walk from parking. We went via sailboat. Nice beach.

Scuba Diving

Booked trip via OceanMust in the harbor of Gustavia. I did a Great dive with Fred of La Bulle - next to OceanMust. $ 50. US. Saw a wreck and a reef. It was just Fred and I on the dive. Say hi for me to Christian AUDEBERT of OceanMust and to Fred.

Sailboat Day Trip - Booked trip via Wendy KRONENBERG of Nautica FWI in downtown Gustavia. George and Tilly own and live on-board their 48 ft Catamaran TTOKO-TTOKO. They do a full day trip to Fourchue and Colombeir Beaches and they serve a GREAT lunch. They do half-day trips to either beach depending on their schedule. They are off Island during Hurricane season - June to September/October. Private Charter available. George and Tilly are great hosts. They made us feel right at home. Nice snorkeling off their boat. Tell them Andy & Margaret say hi. Please respect their sailboat. Price for 2 with lunch including all beverages $ 500 ff/pp. Half Day $ 290 ff/pp no lunch.

This Island has great, very friendly people and they are all very helpful with answering a question. Almost every one speaks English or knows enough English to help you out. The beaches and restaurants are great. You may want to learn some basic French to be polite. The wine and deserts were also excellent. We will be back but for 10 days next time. E-mail me at marand@banet.net with any questions but please NO SPAM.

Thanks to Andy for this trip report ...
May 1999

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