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Dominican Republic - Trip Reports

Sosua Bay Hotel

My first trip to the Dominican, and what an excellent trip it was! The first day we were stuck in Building 6 ... what a nightmare! I read the reviews prior to leaving, and I knew exactly what the past visitors were talking about. The first night was a little bumpy - I couldn't sleep from the loud humming noise and the banging. The next day we changed rooms, and boy what a difference!

The trip got better. The staff are incredible! Very friendly and overall great people ... from the cleaning staff to the entertainers.

Overall, I have no complaints! The food was amazing. Expect to gain 5 pounds from the delicious seafood. We tried out the a-la-carte restaurants, and again, FABULOUS! My favourite, by far, was the Italian restaurant.

The nightlife was a little dull, but not so bad. You do have access to the other resort and there are always local bars (A LOT OF FUN!). For the most part, this trip was more about relaxing. At times I found it a bit too family/couple-oriented. But again, it wasn't so bad. This trip was to relax ... and that I did.

Other things to remember, the beach (at SBH) is public. You may rent a chair (and/or umbrella, optional) for approximately $2CDN per day. The beach was a little rocky, but very clear and beautiful. So many fish swimming around - rent out the snorkeling geart. The water is beautiful.

If you want to venture out to the other resort, they do have a more "private" area ... (you won't have to pay for the beds). The water is much more shallow from the shoreline out. This beach is excellent if you're into windsurfing or other water sports. The waves are more intense. The water is not as clear as it is at SBH. There are much more sporting activities taking place at Cabarete (including volleyball, and other silly sporting games).

The food, at Cabarete, is not as good as it is at Sosua Bay Hotel. I feel that Sosua Bay Hotel was beautiful and very very clean. The staff is great (at both resorts)!

Back to Sosua: There are tours you can take advantage of ... ask your rep for details ... We went on the Puerto Plata 1/2 day tour. Bring some money because there's lots to buy (especially jewellery). If you feel you ran out of supplies, the local supermarket carries most things (including rum at $1USD). Exchange your money at the Western Union (more bang for your buck). The hotel has a place to exchange on-site, but the rate is not nearly as good. Don't be afraid to venture out into the market. The locals, in general, are amazing people. Bargain, bargain, bargain ...

One last thing, you will meet people from the resort, no doubt. This resort attracts a lot of different people - Canadians, Europeans and Americans. Not everyone is from the same place, which was nice to see.

Thanks to Bourbon Gal for this trip report ...
March 2004

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