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Dominican Republic - Trip Reports

Coral Costa Caribe, Juan Dolio

Excellent service by the very friendly staff. in the restaurants, bars, cleaning staff & garden staff etc. Disappointed by the cleanliness, I saw only the foyer & foyer washrooms washed with soapy water, everywhere else was sweeping with brush & broom as a result saw many dust bunnies along the halls & staircase & a definite mark between the well travelled areas and the not so well travelled!

Also the pool area, my beach bag was well & truly dirty when I left after a weeks' stay.

Another big accident & safety problem was the pools. I was fed up with stubbing my feet when getting in and out of the one pool. There were circular stairs with no markings on them & in the sun it was very difficult to see to get in & out both for adults & children. Also in both pools there was NO handrail either at the edge or at the centre of the steps.

Our rooms had a continual supply of little ants crawling over the bathroom vanity and on the furniture. I felt it necessary to check the bed every night for unwanted visitors. A couple of times no bottled water was left & no towels.

The food at the al la carte restaurants was very good, also the wine list.

The general dining room excelled themselves a couple of times, but generally the food was very dried out and had obviously been served several times before!! I thought along with others that the chicken & pork were undercooked. Breakfast was the best with the freshly cooked eggs & omelettes. The food from the grills on the beachfront open restaurants was general very good, except for the salad being left out in the sun too long. Overall I and my group will not be returning to this resort. It is not in our opinion worthy of 4 stars. We thank the staff for making our trip worthwhile.

From a group of 8 from Ontario

Thanks to Tim for this trip report ...
February 2004

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