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Home > Destinations > Dominican Republic > Santo Domingo > After Dark

Santo Domingo After Dark

The dining scene in Santo Domingo rivals that of any cosmopolitan city in the world. Though many national cuisines are faithfully represented here, visitors to the capital must try a savory Dominican sancocho, or the local version of fried chicken (chicharrones de pollo), or a delicious fillet of fish memorably prepared with coconut milk. Whether your choice of restaurant is in the Naco-Winston Churchill new area of town, Gazcue or the Colonial City, be prepared to discover probably the largest and finest selection of restaurants of any Caribbean city.

Dominicans dine late, as you will notice from how the crowds pick up after 9 pm. So, after dinner, the limitless choices beckon. Start the evening with an outing to the National Theater, with its weekend-to-weekend schedule of cultural events and world famous performers. Or enjoy the shows outdoors or indoors all year long at the Avenida del Puerto, Quisqueya Stadium and many other venues throughout the city

There are many sporting events that can be enjoyed any week of the year, such as baseball (the Dominican national pastime), which is passionately played under the stadium lights from October to February. Santop Domingo boasts Olympic-standard stadiums so do not surprised to see a major world tournament at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center or the East Park facilities.

Catch a weekend performance of a live band and take notice of the lovely sculptures at the 27 de Febrero Expressway Boulevard just across from Plaza Central, the city's largest shopping mall.

Small cafés and bars, many with dancing areas, keep the young at heart awake until early in the morning. Enjoy the rhythms of merengue, the graceful national dance, and the pulsing beat of salsa that punctuate the night at the scores of upscale clubs and bars and fashionable discos, many remaining open until dawn. And, well into the small hours, a dozen casinos keep the action hot. Santo Domingo is a city that never sleeps.

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Information provided by the National Hotel & Restaurant Association Tourism Promotion Council.

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