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Barbados - Trip Reports

Island of Barbados

Before you start reading this posting, ask yourself if you like to read long and boring postings. If you answer "no" then find something else to do than continuing reading. Because this is one long and boring posting. About my vacation in Barbados.

So you are still reading? All right... Here we go then:

We left Norway on a wednesday afternoon, and came to Gatwick. Next morning we went to Barbados. I went on Virgin Atlantic, Petal on British Airways. That is how good friends we are :) BA landed an hour before I did, but since I only had handluggage and Petal had luggage, we came out at the same time. It was a pleasure meeting the immigration woman. After almost an hour in a line to see her.

We had should take a taxi, and were told that we must take the one in front of the line. That was a Toyota Hi Ace. And because it was a Toyota Hi Ace, the price was 45 dollars, and not 30 like the one behind were charging. We did not want to pay another 15 dollars, and decided to go with the man behind. And got yelled at like crazy because of that. But since we don't konx money (do you know what konx is?) we decided to accept to be yelled at, rather than paying 15 dollars extra.

It took a long time to get to our home. Cars is the in thing in Barbados these days. Everybody want one. And if you drive Toyota, you are considered to be king of the road. Traffic jam from A to Z. It took time. Just like in and out of a big city in the rush hour. In Barbados!

I like being out at night. Petal don't. So I go alone, when she allow me to. And so she did one night. A man was begging me for money, and I tried with respect to tell that I do not give away my money unless I get something back. He did not give up, and I ended up going into a local bar. The beggars hardly ever follow you in then. But he did. I had a beer, and after 4 sips, the bar man came over to the man that was now asleep. Beating him with a long thing stick. Like those you see on horse races. I tried to stop the man from beat the other man, but since I am a old weak man, I did not manage. The man got beaten up real bad, Real bad. It was painful to see. The bar man later told me that he would have given me serious troule sooner or later. That is why he did like he did.

Many local people see that there is big money in tourism. A person offered us to rent a car from him. We should get a good rate. I was a bit sceptical, and were most concerned about insurance. He had insurance he said, but I did not give up asking. And asked "what happens to those that crash the car." And the answer were honest enough: They have to pay the damages. No thanks. I went to Coconut car rental, and they are very good. And have insurance. Be warned about this. Be sure you are renting a car that is a rental car, and have insurance as a rental car. Otherwise you can be in big trouble.

There is a lot of construction going on in Barbados. Sandy Lane was a hotel that were supposed to be rebuilt and open for the millenium celebration. It is opening in two weeks. Aparently it has costed 250 million dollars to built this hotel, with its 112 rooms. It looks nice.

Another hotel that were supposed to be rebuilt was Hilton. I guess it must be a year ago since they put lots of dynamite inside, changing the old hotel into small pieses of rock. I asked almost everybody I talked to in Barbados, why they have not started builing again. But nobody knew. Not even the man that was guarding the property could tell. It must be a very important job, keeping people out from a property of rock, sand and grass. Guess if somebody should damage something. Or steal.

I like to walk on the beach by the old Hilton Hotel, and towards Bridgetown. So I did that one day. Walking right where the sand meet the sea. And right before I came to Boatyard, a local bar, I hear somebody calling for me. "Taxi?"

The same day I was going to be smart. But I outsmarted myself. I had on my watch, and dont like to swim with it. So I rolled the watch in my t shirt, at a place nobody could see me do so. Because if they saw that I did, they could steal it while I was out swimming. But I am a old man that forget quick, So it did not take long time before I had my t-shirt over my shoulders. So at a place on the beach, there is a watch that is mine. I did not even realised before an hour later.

10 people from my town were in Barbados at the same time as Petal and me. We went to Oistins fish market friday night. It was very good. Plenty people, and plenty good food. I had fish cakes, that is my favorite. And Banks Beer. It was all good, exept for one thing. BWA (Barbados Water Authority - I think) were striking. No water. And that was a problem. I guess the biggest problem was for those that needed to konx (that word again).

On the way home, we took a minibus. 40 meters after we got into the van, we were stopped by the police that gave the driver a fine of 1000 Barbados dollars. Not supposed to stop unless there is a bus stop there. The driver was sad, and had a hard time understanding why he should be punished for being nice to tourists. And the traffic was stuck like it was... I agree with him. It would be better if the police were doing something about the serious crime on the island. Cause there is actually quite a lot of it. For instance, an old canadian woman were stabbed by somebody that wanted her hand bag.

It is a debate about keeping a lower profile about crime in Barbados. Some think the newspapers is making a big thing if there is a murder. Putting the story on the first page of the newspapers. It scears people away from the island. "if there is a murder in NY, no newspaper make a big thing about it, so why should we in Barbados do". I think there is a big difference about NY and Barbados. It is not news for people that people in NY get killed. But it is not a daily thing in Barbados. And therefore it is a news kind of thing when it happens.

One night I had a good time in a bar, drinking Banks Beer. It tastes very very good. I drank so much that I was dancing in public. And that is not a thing I do too often. And those that saw it will probably never forget this white tourist that danced. They have never seen a white man do those things. And not a black man either. I had FUN!

I think the local bars is best. But Ship Inn and Boatyard is also good. But I find it more personal at the smaller places. I also like a small restaurant in Barbados. But did not go this time. Some person told me that the owner was ill, and it could be a risk that we would be ill too if we ate there. I am normally not easily sceared, but did not go there to eat. And from all that I know, it is just rumours. Rumours is popular in Barbados. Even more popular than Toyotas. And if you don't have a juicy story, then it is just to make one up. Therefore I am not sure if I should trust what I hear. I doubt it actually.

Petal should go to church one day. A toyota Hi Ace came to pick her up. 50% extra again... Because it was a big car.

One day we took a drive out to this couple from New York. Steve and his wonderful wife has built a large house on the south east coast. That is where they live, and have 3 rooms for rent. It is brand new. It is very nice. And it has a location just by Long Beach. It is perfect if you like it nice and quiet. And I am sure that the two of them are some wonderful hosts for their guests. See their project at www.geminihouse.com

We had a good time in many ways, staying in Barbados. But I have lost some of my love for the island. The charm is about to go away. At least those things that I like about the island.

It is now getting a bit too busy for me. And a bit too commercialised. But it still has nice beaches, nice climate and 99% of the population is very nice and friendly people. But Petal has decided us for, not to go back for a good while. Next time, we will go somewhere else.

Thanks to Leif for this trip report ...
March 2001

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