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Barbados - Trip Reports

Island of Barbados

I've just returned from a 5-day trip to Barbados. Booked late last Wednesday and flew out two days later on Xmas eve from Gatwick on British Airways. Loads of seats available and I heard later that BA's never had a worse Xmas to Barbados in terms of passenger loads.

On my first night I went to my favourite place, the Ship Inn in St Laurence Gap. There were two bands: The Swing, quite reasonable, and The Heard who played rock for an hour from midnight. This latter band was the best I've heard in Barbados since Spice.

The place looked half-full instead of being packed, confirming my view that lots of tourists have stayed home.

For you netheads, there's a PC with internet access in the Ship Inn for $5/hr. Whilst on this subject, I also saw an internet access sign in Broad St opposite Cave Shepherd.

One new piece of construction caught my eye, ie a rather smart walkway along the careenage in Bridgetown. But one thing's that gone is the famous lights at Bonnetts as the local residents have lost their sponsor.

It rained every day, which served to highlight the poor state of the roads (potholed many of them) and the drainage system which is largely incapable of keeping roads from being flooded after heavy rainfall.

Barbados now lacks two top hotels, the Hilton and Sandy Lane which should have reopened by now but is hugely late. You have to wonder if the project will ever finish.

Incidentally, the Hilton had been destroyed by explosives, the first time that this had been done in the Caribbean. There was, I understand, quite a crowd that witnessed the "implosion" of the building. The hotel is being rebuilt at a cost of US$33m.

Technologically, I saw more mobile phones than before and I'm sure that internet usage is on the increase, but held back by the sloth of Cable & Wireless which has a 100% monopoly on fixed and mobile phones and the pipe to the internet. The guy I stayed with has only been waiting two years for a second phone line for internet access.

Nevertheless, a relaxing break, back to the rain and cold in Blighty.

Thanks to Roger for this trip report ...
December 1999

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