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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Taino Beach & Island of Grand Bahama

Years ago my husband and I swore we would never visit the same vacation place twice since there were so many places to see in the world. Now after trip #2 to GBI we found ourselves saying on Friday as we were preparing to come home,"Next time we come....." We had our second trip to GBI last week. Again stayed at Taino Beach. We were happy there. It is very laid back, nothing fancy but we always have a wonderful time. The beach is beautiful, the pool great. When we were there last May they were working on Taino 2. We stayed there this time and they had done some improvements. It appeared to be recently painted. The bathtub surround was fairly new and we had some new appliances and new pots and pans. There seemed to more of a push for sales but we declined several times and finally were left alone. Our requests for extra pillows, dishes, etc were met within an hour of being requested. Staff was friendly and we would definitely not hesitate to recommend it to others as a nice place to stay.

This time we rented a car for the week. We went with Brad's since so many people had recommended them. The car allowed us greater flexibility to see the Island and also allowed us to shop at Soloman's and Bristol's. Soloman's was so much cheaper for us than Winn-Dixie. We bought whole chickens for $6 and roasted them for lunch. Sweet bread and french butter that was so cheap. The fruit and vegetable selection was nicer I thought too. This time my husband and brother went fishing with Capt Les. They went night fishing and caught two nights dinner for 4 adults. They had a great time. Capt Les suggeted reef tours for outings as he works for them during the day. We took two kids and 4 adults the next am out on the glass bottom boat tour. Only 8 people on the whole trip. Kids were free and trip was alot of fun. Staff was great and the kids saw lots of fish, barracuda, sunken tug, sea turtle and a shark. The kids loved feeding the fish bread too.

We had wraps done in our hair by Tammy in Port Lucaya Market again. She had done our hair in May. She recognized us and did some extra braids for free in my 5 year old's hair. She was so happy we had come back.

We used the car to drive out to Paradise Cove for snorkling. We weren't disappointed. The tide was on it's way out. Staff gave a great safety briefing. My husband and brother saw a good sized shark on the outside of the reef and we watched small sharks fishing in the shallows at the end of the day when it was starting to get dark. Earlier my 3 1/2 year old and 5 year old were able to snorkel in the shallow water off the beach and find shells in the sand.

The next day my husband went diving with Carribean Divers on Janices recommendation. He had a great day and ended up going again on another morning. I was able to get out on the Reef Tours catamaran for their wed am sail. Only one other couple on board. When Capt Les found out I was a sailor he let me sail for about 1/2 hour, I really enjoyed that. Again the tour was great and I'd recommend it to anyone. We did a trip to Lucayan National park and saw the caves one afternoon and walked in through the mangroves to Gold Rock Beach. It was beautiful. We wish we had gone earlier in the day so we could've stayed there longer. The tide was going out and made lagoons of warm water between the sandbars and shore. The kids loved it and played for an hour in the shallow water.

We had some good snorkeling right off shore at Taino just down from Pirates of the Bahamas. There are some coral heads off shore. We found some small conch but let them be and several star fish. One night we bought a mutton snapper off a fisherman in the bell channel and roasted it. It was fantastic. Our only regret was we didn't track down lobster earlier in the week. We weren't able to get any before we left. I did have good minced lobster a Zorba's one night. That was our second time going there for dinner and again were not disappointed. My husband had a whole grilled snapper that was huge for only $14. We met a woman and her daughter at the table behind us that had also used this site to ask questions about Cooper's Castle. We were all entertained by the Junkaroo man who was working for Zorba's trying to get people to come in for dinner. He was so nice and such a character that my husband bought him a "Lucayan".

Our last night we went to Port Lucaya to watch the show in the square. Great show and my daughter loved the firedancer.

Overall another great trip. It was the first time that I can remember that I truely did not want to come home from vacation. Thanks to all that helped make the second trip even better than the first and I have a feeling it won't be our last trip there.

Thanks to Jenn for this trip report ...
February 2004

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