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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Island of Grand Bahama

We just got back from our honeymoon and I couldn't wait to get back here and post my own trip report. We had the best time ever!!!! The slow season is definitely the right time of year for people who want a quieter more secluded vacation. Everywhere we went it seemed as though we were the only ones on the beach.

Overall here is what I recommend:

1) Rent a car. We got one from Brad's after reading your post ande we were really pleased by their service (my husband left the lights on and killed the battery and they had someone at our hotel to charge it up within 20 minutes at no cost). Scooters or the dune buggies may sound nice but when it rains out there it really comes down. Also with a car you can go anywhere you want and you can do it on your own time schedule.

2) If you have any kind of sensitivity to mosquito bites be sure to bring some Off and some cortisone or Benedryl(this IS a tropical island-it is humid and there are plenty of mosuitoes around). I forgot to bring any and had to buy some there. As it was I walked away with something like 25 bites by Wednesday when I finally broke down and went to the store.

3)If there is anyway for you to do it bring along some snorkeling gear. We borrowed some from a friend and it saved us a fortune. We went out every day. We had never snorkeled before and it was just increadible. You get the hang of it pretty quickly. For amazing snorkeling I cannot recommend Paradise Cove highly enough. It costs $3 per person if you have your own gear (they rent it if you don't but since we had our own I have no idea what it costs) and you can stay out all day if you want to. If you do go I would suggest getting there during high tide. If you get there during low tide you end up grazing your belly across the sea grass trying to swim in a foot of water (you can't walk because of all the sea urchins). At high tide it is a quick swim to the reef which is right off shore. They also have rafts anchored in the water in various places so you can get out of the water to rest or adjust your mask or whatever. We saw A big Hawkbill sea turtle, a Spotted Eagle Ray which was about 6' across and 8 feet from tip to tail, 2 sting rays, a Peacock flounder, about 5 different types of Angelfish, about 6 different types of parrotfish, etc. etc. I had a great time even though I have a moderate fish phobia (if I can't keep my eye on them I'm afraid that they are going to bite my feet). Yes I know that it is silly but normally I can't get over it. I had very little problem in that water. It is so Blue!!!

4) Take the time to drive out to the ends of the island and then take a dirt road to the beach. We found some truly deserted streches of beach this way. If you have snorkel gear, check out the local sea life in each spot you find. One beach we found had rocks off shore with scorpionfish in the nooks and crannies and huge barracudas patrolling off shore-one every 20 feet or so (we think it was their nesting grounds) they leave you alone if you leave them alone. Another beach we found had almost no rocks but there were tons of these sea hares all around. Everywhere we went there was something a little different.

5) if you are looking for good seashells try Smith's point at the south end of West Beach Rd. Just down shore from The Stoned Crab we found dozens of beautiful conch shells (keep in mind tht most of the good ones will be at least partially burries so keep a look out for the bumpy parts sticking out of the sand. We founs som many good shells we needed to buy another big bag just to get them all home (they make great gifts. our friends and family can't believe that we found them ourselves). They sell the same shells for 4 dollars a piece. Overall you just can't go wrong with a vacation on Grand Bahama Island. The locals are nice and friendly (even if it is a bit difficult to understand what they are saying sometimes, and when they are talking to each other its near to impossible to see how they couild possibly be speaking English), the beaches are beautiful, and it is warm even when it rains. We had an amazing time and would love to go back some day.

Thanks to Michelle for this trip report ...
November 2003

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