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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Comfort Inn and Suites Paradise Island, Nassau

Comfort Inn and Suites Paradise Island, Nassau - what a great deal!

When you stay there you get access to all of the Atlantis Resort amenities. The room was clean, comfortable and colorful, not fancy but certainly adequate. Why pay the big bucks over at the Royal Towers when you are only in your room long enough to sleep each night anyway?! Atlantis Resort is awesome! But there are a few things I wish I'd known. First of all, if you want a beach experience where the water is calm and lapping at your feet you won't get that at Atlantis. The water is gorgeous, but extremely rough.

The first three days we were there the beach was closed. When we were allowed into the ocean it was very intimidating and may not be safe for kids under 12. It is incredibly beautiful and colorful however, so it makes for spectacular photos. There is a beautiful little cove area that they have artificially rocked off to make a calmer water area but it still had waves and we were disappointed that even snorkeling was not possible because of so much churned up sand. If you don't care about the ocean then this is definately the place for you! The pools and waterslides are fantastic! My husband and 13 year old wore themselves out, especially at the Mayan temple tube ride. Whizzing thru the shark tank was quite a thrill. I loved the lazy river! And it was great to come across little hot tub areas around the pools so that you could relax and warm up if you got too chilled. Beach towels were thick, plush, and freely available, as often as you wanted, unlike some resorts where I 've read you get one per day and must pay for it if it is "stolen".

The resort itself is unbelieveable for it's massive size and beauty. Some people have complained about the long distances from point A to point B but we considered that our daily exercise and were never bored as the surroundings are a feast for your eyes. Every evening my 13 year old went to "Club Rush" for a few hours to have some fun with other kid s his age. He LOVED it there. There was music, dancing, computer rooms, nintendo's ect... You check your child in and he can't leave until you check him out. Cost was $10. but well worth it.

My husband and I enjoyed the casino while our son was busy socializing, so a good time was had by all. We took in one movie at the movie theater in the resort, which was just like any regular movie theater, but with FREE popcorn! For lunch and dinner you don't have to spend a fortune in the big restaurants every night. Study the Atlantis site map and you will find a great little deli and hamburger shacks in several places. The hamburgers were huge and very good.We wasted money one night taking a taxi out to dinner at a recommended restaurant, The Poop Deck. Service was terrible, like they resented us even being there, and the food was not memorable. On the other hand, resort staff was friendly and professional in all our experiences.

My husband took a day long snorkeling trip for $38. and they picked him up at the Comfort Inn. He claims this was the highlight of our trip for him. He was taken to another side of the island and they took a 10 minute boat ride out to get to where the good snorkeling was. He highly recommends doing this. FYI, the taxi ride from the airport is approximately 30 minutes and will cost about $30.00.

I can recommend going the first of November like we did, it's cheaper because the "in season" for Atlantis doesn't start until December 1 and there are a lot fewer people. In fact, we are hoping to go back at exactly the same time next year!

Thanks to Kathleen for this trip report ...
June 2003

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