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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Grand Bahama Island


Arrive on the island and paid a very cheap flight and stayed with friends including TJ. They were very fun to hang out with.

Friday night booze cruise with the guys and had a blast... it rained but after 2 or 3 bahama mamas no one noticed and William parked the boat under the bridge so people could dance without getting wet. It was pretty cool. Lots of people from the south there... Very fun.

Dinner was great and came right at the time when I was pretty intoxicated and I think that was the only thing that made me more coherant!

From there I went to the limbo show at the yellow bird, saw that, then club 2000 partyed there for a while and no the poor mop guy was not busy this time. I got to see all my freinds.

From Club 2000 went to John B's and that was a blast! Danced for a while and then went to bed.

Saturday morning it was sprinkling. But we went jet skiing anyway. The water was really rough. And I thought I was a rough rider or something. Yes Janice I killed all my fears and went in the water even with the sharks nearby. Didn't see any. It was very fun because of the rain the waves were high and the water was rough and I really had a blast on the jet ski! From there hung out at the pool at our lucaya, and then back to the house for a nap and then getting ready for the booze cruise once again. Went on the booze cruise although it was a private party still got to go on with my friends that worked there, it was a blast once again, Ali and Ron worked the crowd with the limbo. On the boat. It was cool. I got to drive the boat!!! (Before the drinks of course). From there went to see Ali's limbo show and he used the fire that time, and then watched spidie with the glass eating thing (yuk) and the fantasy fire dancer chick, she was pretty ill! I want to learn how to do that! She put the fire in her mouth and this guy lit his cigar off of her flame coming from her mouth! Then from there club 2000 was dead and we headed to John B's again where I met Barry (the chelmsford guy) had a bunch of drinks and partyed with the locals that I know.

From there went to the house only to do shots with the guys till about 4 am! (No sleep for me!).

Sunday morning, woke up FINALLY SUNSHINE! I must have been the happiest person, I was up at 7 am and wanted to pick a coconut from their coconut tree (ya I know dumb tourist... lol). But didn't because I know I couldnt take it through customs.

Went with TJ, Ralph, and Ali to Our Lucaya. We went on the jet ski again, I think ALi got scared he was on the back of mine, then coaxed me into bringing him back to shore! lol So Ralph was driving the other one and we were racing at times, it was fun, the water was not nearly as rough. It was still really fun and sunny out though!!! After that, hung by the pool drank and layed out to tan, but screw that #8 sunscreen, I got burned, so I would watch out it is getting really strong out there, I needed about 15 I think. From there went home took a nap and then back out again to the club and then to John B's... short night.. way too much to drink...

Monday morning, woke up took a taxi into town and got my bahamian food, cd's, parfume, and liquer and headed home to pack, left monday afternoon!

Had a great time! Country club looks great! I loved the island as always and looks like I will be back in a couple weeks with "baby girl" so watch out boys! lol

Take care

Thanks to Jenn for this trip report ...
July 2002

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