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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Grand Bahama Island

We just got back from the island on Friday night, and we are already planning our return! This was our fourth trip to GBI, and our third with the kids (ages 6 and 4). I would rate this the best trip so far.

We have a time share at Tyne Beach Terrace, which we return to every time. We really love it there. It's small, quiet, on a beautiful beach. It's perfect for our family, though for someone looking for more action, I'd recommend Our Lucaya or someplace like that.

We had a whole lot of great experiences. My husband went diving with dolphins through Unexso. He had a ball, and we bought the video. I would highly recommend it. In fact, next year I am going to do the dive. While he was doing that, I took the kids on a nature walk at Rand Nature Center. That was beautiful. The kids really liked the flamingos and the snakes theyhave there. Later in the week, all of us went on the Dolphin Experience. It was a lot of fun. Our 4 year old was scared by the dolphins (they are pretty big), but our 6 year old loved it.

One day we drove all the way to the East End, and stopped at Lucayan National Park. The kids loved the caves, and on the way back from the East End to Pelican Point, we gave a ride to Oscar, a local fellow, who was really nice. Here in the States, I would never pick up hitchikers, but he was so charming, my husband and I decided to take a chance. Well, as it turns out, he was related to the owner of Bishops restaurant and to the activities director, Tyrell, at Tyne Beach. Talk about kismet!

On another day, we went to the West End and visited Old Bahama Bay resort. I think there may have been 3 guests staying there. The resort was really lovely, and I would love to stay there some time. There is a marina, a restaurant, a snorkel park, and a (heated!) swimming pool. There is also a bar on the beach. Everyone there was very gracious, and we were encouraged to use all the facilities, even though we weren't guests.

Highlights for the kids were Port Lucaya, both at night and during the day. The Skate King was there one day at noon, and he did the limbo with my 6 year old in his arms. It was really cute! They also loved Rand Nature Center, the caves at Lucayan N.P. and the dolphin experience.

We went to several restaurants. I already posted about Ferry House. That was one of the highs for my husband and me. The restaurant at Old Bahama Bay was expensive, but the "Famous Fish Sandwich" was really, really good! My favorite restaurant, and in my humble opinion ;-), the best cracked conch, is at Bishop's restaurant over on the East End. We also really liked Zorba's in Port Lucaya for breakfast. Good food, good prices and quick service. A real plus with kids! Of course, we had to take the kids to Pier One. They love the shark feeding. The meal was surprisingly good. I had the sauteed mahi mahi, and my husband had the grouper. We also had a good meal and excellent bahama mamas at Stoned Crab, then we walked down to the fish fry and danced our tootsies off.

I think the high point of all this, though, was the people on GBI. We always have a great time and really like meeting the folks who live there, but for some reason all the smiles seemed brighter this trip.

The only thing that I would avoid is Port Lucaya on Monday morning. While we were there, 5 cruise ships pulled into port, and this wave of tourists on a shopping frenzy filled the market. Mind you, I'm an inveterate shopper, so I throw no stones! But if you go some other time, it will be a little less frenzied. The only other down thing about the vacation was how empty the island was. We talked with a manager at Our Lucaya, and he said the business has really fallen off, expecially since 9-11. How sad. I hope that business will pick up soon. I can't wait to go back!

Thanks to Ann for this trip report ...
December 2001

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