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The Bahamas - Trip Reports

Our Lucaya, Grand Bahama

Just got back last week. Stayed at Our Lucaya and had a wonderful time. First off the place is deserted. There are very few tourists there. We got a great room overlooking the pools and ocean. The staff was very nice. Several of the restaurants were closed. We did go to Willie Broadleaf's for the breakfast buffet one morning. I was very disappointed. The food was okay but they had Mexican and Italian style breakfast food. Not exactly what someone from the South is used to.

We ate at the Stone Crab one night. It was great being right on the beach is nice. We called fro reservations and when we got there at 7:00 there were very few people there. Maybe six tables total while we were there. The food was great but the service was lacking. There were probably 5 wait staff there but they were too busy talking to come out and check on you. We ate at Fatman's nephew it was the only place that didn't add the 15% to each check. We had good food and great service. We at some of the other small places in the market area and they were okay. The best breakfast was at a small place on the corner of the market place with cowboy in the name. Good food and good prices.

Cab fairs are bad. Some of the drivers are not even turning on the meters. We heard stories from other tourists. The cab drives are taking the long way to get to places. Our trip to The Stone Crab took 15 mins and was about 7 miles the trip back took 5 mins and was 3 miles.

Something else that maybe new is that you can't walk 3 feet in the market place without someone trying to get you to go to a new resort or condo for a presentation. They are offering everything from free lunch to free airfare. Be ware a lot of these are high-pressure sales or scams. You actually have to be rude to get them to leave you alone. You will also get asked if you want braids about 3 million times a day too. We did the Dolphin encounter. They usually take 65 people per trip and there were 6 of us. That is how slow things are. Several people on the boat were doing the swim. They enjoyed it too. We also took the diner cruise on the Bahama mama. It is a surf and turf style diner. You can get much better food elsewhere but the experience is very nice. After diner it turns in to a booze cruise with loud music and dancing. We didn't know this but still had a good time.

Overall great trip the market was interesting all the straw shops have the same things we found better deals in the normal shops. Now is a good time to go because no one else is there and the weather is warm.

Thanks to Lamar for this trip report ...
December 2001

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