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Turks & Caicos Islands - Trip Reports

Beaches, Provo

Summary. Excellent. Recommend it.

Travel and Arrival. American Air was on schedule and even had extra leg room in coach. Arrival at the airport was handled quickly by customs and transport to the resort was efficient. Check in was fast, courteous and painless.

Room. We had the cheap room, but it was fine.

Service. Room was kept clean and the few fixes we asked for were handled almost immediately. Only thing we couldn't seem to get was a few sodas in the fridge, but we only asked once.

Restaurants. All were excellent. We really like the Sushi Bar where we tried to fill up before our main meal filled us up.

Bars/drinks. Service at bars was generally excellent. Drinks seems a bit weak, but you could always ask for an extra hit.

Pools and Jacuzzis. Excellent. A bit cool in the pools, but the Jacuzzis were great. One kid pool had nice water slides.


Sailing - They kept enough boats in the water that there was hardly any waiting. There was a stiff breeze every day, so it was excellent sailing. Staff was helpful and efficient.

Snorkeling - Trips were on time and frequent. Water was clear, but a bit cool. Got to see turtles, lobsters, and a big nurse shark. Fish were plentiful the last two days. Crew was great. You could also walk down the beach and snorkel at a couple of places.

SCUBA - I kind of wanted to do the resort certification, but it seemed to take all day and then you could only be guarenteed of going only on the same day you certified. Standby on subsequent days was possible. Moot, because I didn't give it a shot.

Video Games - For kids (ha!). A great video game room filled with SEGA stuff.

Games. Only a few pool and ping pong tables. Needed better set up (lights and space) for ping pong.

Entertainment. Evenings had some games and bands. Always fun.

Miscellaneous. They had tennis, but weather was not too good for it. Same for basketball. Shuffleboard was available. They had big trampolines in the water which looked like fun for kids. Beach volleyball was fun, but wind was strong.

Excursions. Did not take any, but they are supposed to be fun.

Conclusion: Compared to our almost disastrous trip to Sandals Royal Bahamian last October (see trip report), this was fantastic. Even though we didn't see the sun (until the day we left, of course), the weather cooperated enough so that sailing and snorkeling were both always available. Some folks didn't care for all the kids, but they were almost never an issue except for a few dinner temper-tantrums. The resort is, after all, advertised as a family resort and it appeared that the kids had a blast. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to take the kids on a trip, and still have plenty of time for themselves.

Thanks to Chris for this trip report ...
June 2002

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