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Turks & Caicos Islands - Trip Reports

Allegro Resort, Provo

The Allegro Resort - Turks & Caicos - July 1, 2000 - July 8, 2000

Let me start out by saying this was mine and my husband's first trip to an Allegro Resort and to Turks and Caicos. There are many opinions of other people I know, but please remember that these are our experiences and opinions. Also, my husband & I have only been to Aruba, so I am sure there are other islands nicer than Providenciales (Provo), but since Aruba is the only island we have ever been to, we were glad that we choose to go to a different island and we just loved Provo!

Now, if you ask me to compare Aruba and Provo, they are both on different ends of the spectrum and I would say the ONLY few similarities are:
- Weather
- Trade winds
- Beaches

With all that being said, here we go:

My husband and I flew out of JFK Airport, New York on Saturday, July 1st, for a non-stop flight to Providenciales (Provo) Airport in Turks and Caicos. The flight to Provo was on time with no problems at all and I have to say that looking out of the plane window when we were approaching Provo and seeing the majestic colors of the water and the reef was a sight I will never forget!! I suggest if you are sitting in the window seat, have your camera in hand when you are closer to Turks and Caicos - the sight we saw was a great first impression of Provo and the beauty of Provo we saw after that was just as memorable!! The airport is very small with only 1 gate for Arrivals and 1 gate for Departures. Going through Customs at the Airport was painless and no problem at all. With the travel package we had, Allegro supplied the transfers to/from the hotel so that saved us about $50 round trip. Since the majority of our whole plane seemed to be at the Allegro, there was an Allegro representative right outside the airport door holding an Allegro sign, she checked our names and directed us to the "taxi" which mostly all of them are vans and they squeeze in about 10 people or more (along with your luggage). The vans or taxis are not in the best shape so don't expect too much and hopefully the a/c will work in the cab for you. The ride to the Allegro took about 15 minutes and the driving is done of the LEFT side of the road and the streets are paved black top, but the so-called "sidewalks" are dirt roads that people were walking on. We did not notice any traffic lights when we traveled, only "Stop" signs and I don't believe heavy traffic is ever a problem in Provo. Upon our arrival we tipped our driver (he truly appreciated it) and right at the entrance to the lobby of the Allegro there were about 6 men & women greeting us with smiling faces and wonderful Caribbean outfits on and someone handing us a type of delicious punch! Check-in was quick and we received green Allegro bracelets that we had to wear all week on our wrist and we noticed that all the kids (under the age of 18 years old) had yellow ones on and that seemed to make the bartenders jobs easier (since the drinking age in Provo is 18 years old and older). Within 10 minutes we had our bags, room keys and to our room we went. Our plane landed around 4:00 pm and by 5:00 pm exactly we were splashing around in Grace Bay - all in all, painless and quick!!

Car rentals: Being at the Allegro and having the food/drinks, water activities, casino and entertainment there, we didn't feel the need to rent a car. We did speak to a couple that were back at the Allegro for the 2nd time, and told us that last year they rented a car for a week and only used it for 1 day! For this trip they said they were staying around the hotel and taking a taxi if they needed to go somewhere. We were glad that we didn't rent a car since it would have been a waste for us too.


We stayed at the Allegro Resort and were very pleased with it. Our room # was 4210 (Building #4 - 2nd floor in the corner) with a king size bed, TV, hairdryer, iron/ironing board, safe, 2 chairs, small table, small refrigerator, a small balcony with a table & 2 plastic chairs that overlooked the pool, but with the palm trees right in front of us, there was really no view, but that was fine with us. The air conditioning worked perfectly and there was hot water whenever we took our showers, and that was important to us. The room was nicely colored with the bright Caribbean colors but there was no clock or alarm clock in the room at all. I know the hotel wants you to enjoy your vacation and NOT keep track of the time, but it seems like I was missing something when I didn't have an alarm clock in my room. I would suggest bringing your own alarm clock since we called for a wake-up call a few times and it never came. If you have no plans and time is not important to you, then not knowing the time won't bother you. Our maid, Monique, was excellent and leaving a tip for her everyday, which was much, appreciated by her and we always had more than enough towels. The resort is broken into 6 buildings and Buildings #1, #2, #3 were near the Main Stage where the shows are performed by the Activity Staff every night at 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm, and those buildings are near the "Sun Tan Bar", the Activities Booth and the place where you get your towels each day. Building #1 had the better ocean view, while Bldg. #2, & #3 were facing the pool. Right after Building's #1, #2 & #3 is "Topaz" (the main dining room) and then there are Building's #4, #5 & #6. I would suggest trying to get into one of those buildings on the 3rd floor. Building #6 had the best view of the ocean, while Bldg.'s #4 & #5 were a view of the pool and only some room on the 2nd and 3rd floor had a small view of the ocean.


TOPAZ - This is the main eating room where it is self-serve buffet style for breakfast, dinner and lunch (the dress is usually beach-attire that everyone wears a t-shirt or cover-up for and you have to wear shoes). From what I remember, from 6:00 am - 7:00 am there is just a continental breakfast and from 7:00 am - 11:00 am there is the full-buffet breakfast, from 11:00 am - 11:30 am is the continental breakfast, from 11:30 am - 3:30 pm is lunch and then 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm is dinner. Nighttime the dress is casual (example: T-shirts, shorts, etc). There were always many choices and every night there is different "theme" for dinner (example, International night, Mexican, etc.). Upon arrival to the hotel you will be given 3 reservation vouchers for dinner at either of the 2 sit-down (waitress/waiters will serve you - no self-service which was a nice break) restaurants, Caruso's (Italian) & Papaya's (Caribbean). We made our reservations right away but I suggest checking out the "theme" dinner schedule for Topaz and then schedule your dinner reservations around that - I don't care for Mexican food, so we made a reservation for Papaya's the night the Topaz had "Mexican night". The reservations book up quick since the restaurants are not that large, so I would make my reservations early for the time you want.

CARUSO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - This is a cozy & small restaurant that is located on the 2nd floor (on top of the Topaz) that has a view of the ocean and you have to dress up a bit more for Caruso's (men usually wear khaki shorts or long pants with a nice polo shirt and women wore sundresses, dressy long & short skirts). You can only have dinner there and the service is excellent and there are about 8 choices for appetizers and 10 choices for dinner. We went to Caruso's for dinner for 2 nights and we had the veal marsala (tender and delicious), fettuccini alfredo (creamy & rich), & veal sorrentino (did not like that at all). It was nice to sit back, relax and to be served. You can walk outside on the deck where there are about 12 chairs and see a perfect view of the ocean before or after dinner to relax some more. (I didn't see anyone bring any food outside, only drinks).

PAPAYA'S CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT - Papaya's is located nearest to Bldg. #6 and the pool. The bar opens at 11:00 am for drinks and from 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm you can go inside to eat (waiters/waitresses will serve you) and you can order personal size pizza's (delicious), hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and a fish of the day. You can wear your beach/pool attire, but again, you must cover up your suit and wear shoes and you can sit wherever you want. From 4:00 - 5:00 pm they only serve pizza and that is self-serve. The dinner reservations start at 6:00 pm and the attire is again a bit dressier--dress shorts, slacks, sundresses. The food has a Caribbean flare to it and the conch fritters and the Caribbean marinated flank steak was delicious. I would say there were about 6 choices for an appetizer and 9 choices for your entrée. I liked the atmosphere a lot & the bright colors of the restaurant. The restaurant had sliding doors on 3 sides of the restaurant and one side is ocean view, so the view was great and there was always the most gorgeous breezes blowing through the restaurant when the sliding doors were opened - just magnificent! When we were there the sun was setting between 7:20 pm - 7:30 pm so if you make your dinner reservation at Papaya's around then, you will have a great view of the sunset. From 11:30 pm to 1:30 am they have pizza (self-serve) for a nighttime snack. At that time only, Papaya's only serves soda, not alcohol.


First of all, the only beers that the Allegro have are: Coors Light, Old Milwaukee and Miller Genuine Draft. The liquor is top shelf and the drinks were never liquored-down for us.

SUNTAN BAR - The Sun Tan Bar is a bar-only that is located right near the pool on the side near Bldg. #3. (I believe it opens at 10:00 am). You can run in there in your bathing suit (even wet) to get some drinks, water or soda and relax or get in from the hot sun. The bar is a nice size and it also has a pool table and a few table and chairs if you want to sit outside.

COCO LOCO LOUNGE - It is the very small bar inside Papaya's Restaurant where you can run in to get some drinks yourself - no barstools are at this bar - it is really to get your drink(s) to go.

THE PIANO BAR (adjacent to Caruso's Restaurant) - I didn't notice any Piano, but the place is nice and usually not that crowded. Before/after dinners at Caruso's we would sit in there for a few drinks and then go outside and sit on the deck.


The beach was just breath-taking and crystal clear torquiose blue, just like it shows in any pictures that you will see of Turks and Caicos! The water temperature was just perfect and the sand was soft and powdery white and a pleasure to walk on. The beach and water was what really made the trip for us since we are beach-goers and love the clear waters, there is nothing more amazing than standing on the beach and looking out and seeing the waters so magnificent! I would say the only down side of the beach is that there is no place to get some drinks or water, you have to walk to the Coco Loco Lounge or to the Sun Tan Bar and that will take several minutes round-trip. I suggest bringing a little cooler along, fill it up with some ice and pack your water or beer in the cooler. We also noticed some people that took along an insulated thermos or larger cups to put their tropical drinks in so they wouldn't spill and they held enough of liquid where you didn't have to run back and forth so often. Another downfall was that there were not enough of umbrellas on the beach to take a break from the constant sun. Those umbrellas were usually gone by 8:30 am so get there early if you want one. They do have a lot of lounge chairs on the beach and we always seemed to get a few of those whenever we wanted.

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather that was about 85-90 degrees and the trade winds are great, just enough to keep you comfortable with the temps that hot. The sun is very intense and my husband & I tan easily but we wore sunblock #25 all week (from head to toe) and walked away with the darkest tans we ever had and we did not get burned once! We had the sunblock on all the time, from the moment we stepped by the pool or beach until the sun set. One day I thought I would put SPF #15 on and I could just feel my skin baking, and with that, SPF #25 went back on me. We saw a few people there with such bad sunburn that I don't know how they even got their clothes on!! My advice, wear the highest number of sunscreen; you will still get the tan, just not the sunburn.


The pool was large and long with lounge chairs all around but not enough of umbrellas there either. There were no slides or diving boards but they had 2 huge water umbrellas in the pool that the kids (and adults) seemed to get under and enjoy. There were also 2 pool rock waterfalls that were very nice sounding and calming when we were drifting off for our afternoon nap. There are 3 jacuzzi's (not hot tubs) on the side inside the pool and we enjoyed that amenity. The water in the pool was crystal clear the whole week we were there and it was not overly chlorinated where you can smell it during the day (at night we did though). We found out that the pool towels were a hot commodity, the Activity Staff starts handing out towels at 8:00 am (you have to ‘sign-out' for towels each day and return them by 6:00 pm) but there were several days that the towels would run out by 9:00 am and we (and everyone else) would have to wait an hour or so for a fresh supply of them. It wasn't the most traumatic thing to happen to us so we didn't mind really. One thing that bothered me at the Allegro (and most resorts we stayed at), people would go to the pool/beach (as early as 7:00 am) and put their room towels, shoes, t-shirt, etc. on a few lounge chairs (only the ones that were under an umbrella) and then go have breakfast, go back to their room, etc. and you wouldn't see anyone on 70% of those ‘reserved' chairs until maybe 9:00 am or even later. I never thought that was fair that anyone does that, still I believe the ONLY people that should be allowed to "reserve" their lounge chairs under the umbrellas are people with kids and senior citizens. Now that is MY opinion, but I found the majority of people felt/feel the same way. There are exceptions to every rule, but I believe management should put a stop to "reserving" chairs. The one end of the pool near the Sun Tan Bar and the Main Stage seemed where most of the younger kids seemed to be since a section of the pool was about a foot high and the toddlers and babies were in that section with their parents. There is no "kiddie pool" though and the pool does get deeper as you walk so you really can't just leave the younger kids alone and there are no lifeguards at the pool or the beach.


The Waiters/Waitresses at the Topaz Restaurant - This is where the service was very slow and the staff seemed not happy at all. I can't say the staff was rude, because they weren't, but there were hardly any smiles to be found and very rarely did anyone say "hi". The waiters/waitresses at the Topaz are suppose to get your drinks (coffee, tea, water, beer, wine), bring your silverware, napkins and then clear the plates when you are done. Many times after waiting for silverware, napkins, coffee, we would just get up and get it ourselves. The waiting seemed to happen everyday and it wasn't like all the guests ate at the same time or in the same area, there were enough of waitresses to go around, but no one seemed to really care. In the beginning of the week we would tip the waiters/waitresses at the Topaz, but didn't feel that the service was worth the extra tip from us.

The Waiters/Waitresses at Papaya's & Caruso's were a different story. They seemed more than happy to help and made sure that everything was fine throughout our whole meal. We always tipped at those restaurants, actually, we tipped whenever we felt the person went the extra mile for us.

The Bartenders - All of the bartenders were happy, funny and took time to talk to us; it was a pleasure being served by all of them.

The Activity Staff - I have to say that the Activity Staff were excellent and worked very hard. Throughout the day you would see the 5 men and 3 women around the pool, activity desk or on the beach getting everyone involved in the daily activities and just spending time making everyone laugh. I found all of them to be extremely nice and talented. Every night at 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm, the Activity Staff would put on some type of show, dance, or entertainment at the Main Stage. The dancing was terrific and all of the guests were usually found at the Main Stage to see all of them perform. All of them worked from 7:30 am until 11:00 pm or so with maybe 1 day off a week. You can tell that they enjoyed their job and interacting with everyone and all of them are a big asset to the Allegro.

The Kid's Club - Since we have no children, we did hang out most of the week with another couple that had a 6-year-old son, and he really enjoyed the kid's club. His mom told us that they would play games with the kids, take them for lunch and then watch them in the pool and our new found friends seemed to enjoy the relaxing time and felt comfortable with leaving their son with the people and once their son kept wanting to go and play with the other kids in the club, it was a welcomed relief for them. I can't tell you how long they would take the kids for, but I'm sure the hotel can help with that. Almost every evening (around 8:00 pm once the sun set and it was a little darker) on the Main Stage is a huge projector screen and the Allegro would put on a kids' movie (via the VCR). We noticed that Inspector Gadget, Toy Story, Hercules, and such were on for the kids and the parents would sit with their kids outside and relax a bit. The movies never played fully though (they usually fast forwarded them) since by 8:45pm the stage had to be prepared for the Activity Staff's nightly shows. We also noticed that many times before the nightly 9:00 pm show, a staff member would entertain the kids by playing some games or doing a dance number (the hokey pokey, the chicken dance, etc.). One of the nights (I think on a Thursday), there was a talent show put on by the children that ranged from 2 ½ years old - 13 years old. The youngest girl performing 2 ½ years old, was on the stage, microphone in her hand and sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Happy Birthday". It was the cutest thing and everyone watching was clapping and she was just thrilled with the response everyone gave her. The other kids did dance numbers or sang some songs. It was very entertaining and they always tried to get the kids involved.


All of the above and much more was either included with the all-inclusive package, or you had to pay extra for it. Near the Activity Building was "Dive Provo" where you can arrange to take all different types of tours, scuba diving lessons, etc. There are many of them, just check with one of the employees at Dive Provo and they can help you.


My husband & I are not gamblers, but we did go to the Casino twice and the Casino is very small. There are only about 4 black jack tables, one roulette table, a couple of poker tables and plenty of slot machines. My husband played black jack and broke even the 1st time and only lost $13.00 the next time. He was playing both times for over an hour so he did pretty well. I lost at the slot machines but the couple we hung out with most of the week won about $150.00 at one slot machine. Everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves and other than it being small, the casino is certainly an asset to the Allegro since I was told it was the only Casino on Provo.



We took the 3-hour Beach Cruise with Allen Ray of Sand Dollar Tours and it was just amazing! We booked the tour through Divi Provo and we paid $49.00 per person. Allen picked up about 9 of us up on the beach in his boat in front of the Allegro at 1:15 pm (they also have a 9:15 am tour). Just riding on the boat and seeing the water and its wonderful color was terrific! Allen Ray is a lot of fun and really knows the island and his job; we all had so much fun with him as our guide. The first thing we did was to go snorkeling off of the boat in waters about 20-25 feet deep. We had to jump off of the boat into the water and at first it was a bit scary, but it was fine. The water was a little rough so the kids on the tour didn't go in, just the adults, and it was pretty cool. We saw about 4 different types of fish (I couldn't tell you what they were) but they were all around us. We snorkeled there for a while and then got back into the boat and headed to Iguana Island. As soon as we got off the boat, the iguanas would come right up to you - pretty amazing. I asked Allen if people feed them and he said that they are just naturally friendly, no one feeds them. The iguanas have no predators on "their" island so they are not afraid of anything - they don't know what it is to be afraid. Now, the iguanas came probably a foot away from us and it looked like they were posing - it was pretty funny! Besides seeing the iguanas we also walked around the island and collected some shells in the sand. The next stop we went to another beach where we went in the water looking for sand dollars. The water everyplace we went was crystal clear and inviting. We only got 2 sand dollars (if they are brown in color they are alive and you have to leave them in the water - the white ones are dead and those you can take with you.) I took some great pictures and was glad that I had my Kodak underwater camera. The best thing to happen is when we were on our way to another beach, I just finished asking Allen if he saw JoJo (the bottle-nose dolphin that has made Grace Bay his home for the past 14 years) and he said, "no, I haven't seen JoJo in 2 weeks or so", wouldn't you know 10 minutes later Allen says, "There's JoJo!!". And there he was!! Riding along side of our boat and when we slowed down so did JoJo and he was swimming around us. Allen said if we wanted, we could jump in with JoJo and within 2 minutes the majority of us did! It was an experience that we will never forget! None of us had the opportunity to touch JoJo, but he swam around with us for a few minutes, just enough of time to get pictures of JoJo and have some memories to cherish. Needless to say, after seeing/swimming with a free/wild dolphin, the tour was worth every dollar and more!! Seeing/swimming with JoJo is not guaranteed on ANY tour or outing, but what a thrill it was! Even if we didn't see JoJo, I would highly recommend the tour with Sand Dollar. In case any contact wearers were wondering… for snorkeling I DID use my contacts. I have daily throw-away.

The first few days we were there, we kept hearing how beautiful "Coral Gardens" was, and after speaking to a few of the hotel guests so we decided to go there. We found out a few different ways to get there: drive (about a 7 minute drive), walk (about 45-50 minutes), bike ride (20-25 minutes) or take a cab (7 minute ride). Since the cab seemed the easiest for us, that is what we did. We took along life jackets since I am not a good swimmer and even though my husband is a great swimmer, later on he said how easy it was just to stay afloat and snorkel. We took along a bottle of water, towels, life jackets, snorkel gear and grabbed a cab in front of the Allegro. Once we arrived at Coral Gardens the cab driver asked what time we would need him to pick us back up and we told him in 2 hours (we found that to be a good idea since we didn't know how accessible cabs would be at Coral Gardens). So the driver dropped us off at "Coral Gardens" and we walked past some construction for additions onto "Coral Gardens" and there was the beach with about 30 other snorkelers. We got our gear on and in the water we went and I have to tell you what we saw was nothing short of spectacular and breathtaking!! Neither of us have ever saw such magnificent colors of coral and fish and I was so glad that we had our underwater camera, but I was disappointed that there we didn't have another camera! The colors of the fish and coral were of every color of the rainbow and then some!! It was all so terrific that it was hard for me to believe since I was seeing "nature at it's most beautiful"! And it was so easy to snorkel there since you only go 2 feet from the shore and the coral starts! Once you get near the coral though you can no longer walk, you have to pick you feet up and swim/snorkel. My husband was even further out than me and he said when he put his feet straight down for a second he felt the coral at his feet and immediately went into the "floating position". The experience was nothing short of superb and it was hard to believe that seeing all this beauty did not cost us anything!! As you can imagine, this trip to Coral Gardens was one of the best experiences!! We even spoke to some people who said that they went scuba diving and did not even see fish or coral like this, so we realized than how great Coral Gardens was for other people too. Coral Gardens is a DEFINITE MUST if you go to Provo.

Cab info: I suggest doing your research on the cab ride to Coral Gardens (or anywhere for that matter). After getting back from Coral Gardens, we spoke to other people who went we found out that we paid almost double what the "going rate" was to Coral Gardens (since we also tipped the drivers). We should have done more research on the cab fare because the cab driver said the fare was $10.00 for the both of us so my husband gave him $13.00 (he included a tip) and going back to the hotel my husband gave $14.00 (fare & tip). People told us that they only paid $3.00 per person to go to Coral Gardens, so obviously, it was our own fault for not "doing our homework" about the cab fare. But what was strange to us was that the cabs were equipped with meters, but they were not used so when I got back to the Allegro I asked the front desk about the meters and she said, "the meters will be in effect shortly and all the cab drivers will have to use them". So I would suggest to always ask what the cab fare is before you get in the cab and make sure that you know what "the going rate is".

Across the street from the Allegro is a tiny shopping area (the Comfort Inn is also located over there). We took a walk over one morning and found a small convenience store, liquor store, coffee shop that serves breakfast and a light lunch, several souvenir shops, dive shop, a few business and a bar/small casual restaurant, Latitudes (on the 2nd floor). We did go one evening over to Latitudes and took a break from the Allegro food, and we sat outside and had some tropical drinks, appetizers and some delicious hamburgers. We just needed a change of scenery and we really had a good time.

The took several walks on the beach at different times of the day/night and it was always peaceful, clean and no one ever bothered us or approached us, other than to say "hi" or ask how we were. We felt extremely safe at all times and found the beach to be deserted many times in the evening (~wink~wink~).

From us driving back/forth to the Airport and Coral Gardens, we did not notice an abundance of people walking on the roads at all, just really people who lived there. We spoke to people who did go to a few different places outside of the Allegro for some sightseeing, and they said that there was not much to do except a few very small shops they found or restaurants/bars. That is not to say that there weren't things to do, just that they were not all situated in one place in a "Down Town" area that most towns/islands have. I read that a lot of people love Provo and Turks and Caicos because the island seems "untouched" by tourists, fast-food establishments, etc. and that is certainly the truth. The island seems like a bit of paradise and we felt lucky to share in the island's beauty - Provo felt like the "secret island" not many people found out about yet.

As for the things we did….that was pretty much it. We went for rest and relaxation and we certainly had that! There were many other tours to go on or things to do, but we opted to do more of the beach, water, pool, drinks and food. What we liked about the Allegro was that you could be busy as you wanted or as lazy as you wanted -it was up to you and no one forced you to do anything. We told everyone that on this trip ‘we ate, drank and were merry' and we did and we were!

What I found great about the hotel also was that check-out time was at 12 Noon but since our flight was not until 4:50 pm, I had went to the Front Desk the morning we were checking out and asked if we can stay in the room a little longer since our flight was later. She asked our room number and said that since no one was checking into our room until the following day, we could check out at 1:00 pm instead. That was great for us since we were able to be at the beach/pool until around 11:30 am and then shower, change and eat some lunch before we had to leave. Since our transfers back to the Airport were included also, all of us were in the lobby of the hotel and a few of the Activity Staff members came to bid us farewell and had time to talk for a bit. The vans loaded people up and it was like an assembly line that went quick. In no time we back at the airport and all of us feeling a little sad that we were leaving. We went into the airport lobby (very small) and the line at TWA was long and it was extremely hot in the lobby with no air conditioning to be felt. Also at the airport was a few small shops and duty free stores so many people took advantage of that. Once we checked in we all waited at the departure lobby (remember only 1 gate to depart from for all the flights) and once we boarded the plane we were in the air by 5:00 pm and I took some spectacular pictures from the plane window of the island.

The flight back into JFK was quick and uneventful again and we breezed through immigration, got our luggage pretty quick and customs just waved us by. Before we knew it the reality of being home struck us right in the face once we stepped outside of the airport at JFK and headed back home.

Some wonderful websites that I came across from doing my research on Turks and Caicos are below. They helped me tremendously and people on the message boards/newsgroups were very helpful and a lot of people are repeat visitors to Provo so that was a big plus when it came to asking questions.

I also found a few great photo websites of the Allegro and pictures of Provo. When I saw the pictures, I was pretty much wondering if the pictures that I saw on the computer were "true to life", much to our happiness they were and we were in no way disappointed.

As you can tell, we loved everything about Provo and Turks and Caicos and I hope I helped you in some way on what to expect at the Allegro and in Provo.

Thanks to Erika for this trip report ...
August 2000

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