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St. Lucia - Hotel Reviews & Trip Reports

Oasis Marigot

After confirming features of the St. Lucia vacation property, Oasis Marigot, with their New York agents, we authorized a deposit of over $1,200.00 for a week's vacation.

Having contacted other properties in St. Lucia, which were full service and provided the amenities and security we had grown to expect at relatively the same daily rate or less, we were led to believe that this property was competitive with its features and benefits.

Upon arrival, my wife and I (both in our 60's) were shocked to find:

1. An exhausting climb of 93 irregular and uneven steps was required to reach our accommodations. Due to the frequent rain showers, these steps were often slippery and no handrails were provided. A "rickety" tram was sometimes available to bypass some of the climb.

2. The rooms were "open air" and not air-conditioned. There were no screens and birds and insects flew within the rooms. We were covered with welts from numerous mosquito bites. No mosquito netting was provided. We walked from the bathroom to the bedroom the first morning to find a swarm of mosquitoes, four birds and a cat.

3. We were given four (4) keys to open various gates for access to our hillside Ocean Cottage which gave us the indication (as we fumbled to find which key opened what) that security was an issue. When I left the room to find the management, (while my wife was trying to sleep) I had to lock her in, as there was no other way to provide security for her and our property. No non-key method was available for someone inside to lock the doors. With me gone, my wife was a virtual prisoner and there were no fire extinguishers nearby.

4. The room included a bar of soap and a roll of toilet paper. There were no other amenities; not even a small container of shampoo. Literature in the room indicated that maid service was only every other day and not daily.

5. The numerous steps needed to be descended or climbed each time we wished to go to the beach, a restaurant or virtually anywhere.

6. We were assured there was a store for provisions on the property. We found upon our arrival that "the property" was loosely interpreted and to get a quart of milk required a ferry ride and quarter mile walk. 7. We were assured the ferry ran every fifteen (15) minutes. That might have been true if you could find the porter to operate the ferry. Our wait averaged one-half hour.

8. The "beach" was cluttered, unkempt and in sad shape. The condition of the beach was embarrassing. No beach towels were available.

9. When we told management that our accommodations were unacceptable and wanted a room located on the property that addressed our concerns. We were told none were available that were not similar to what we had. The better accommodations were all occupied. They would not refund the balance of our payment when we moved to find accommodations elsewhere as our payment remittance form included a non-cancellation agreement.

10. There were similar vacancies and our departure had not resulted in a loss of other business that might have been realized had we known of the conditions and cancelled the reservation months earlier.

Our ultimate stay at Hummingbird Beach Resort in Soufriere was simply perfect.

Thanks to Charles for this trip report ...
March 2004

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