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St. Lucia - Hotel Reviews & Trip Reports

Le Sport - The Body Holiday, Cap Estate

Well, having made several visits now, and having done a great deal of travel around the Caribbean, the Americas, and Europe, I think I can still fairly confidently say that Le Sport is probably the most relaxing place on earth! By the word 'relaxing' don't necessarily read 'quite', as it really is possible to have a quite 'get away from it all' holiday, or a very lively holiday (it is an all-inclusive resort after all!).


The rooms are very spacious and very comfortable. They are fairly basic in one sense (no television, or coffee-making facilities etc) but this really ties in with the theme of the resort - relax and get away from the stress of the real world. A TV would, in my opinion, greatly impede this. The bathrooms are nice - marble fittings etc.

Maid service is excellent and very regular.


Absolutely brilliant! Particularly for an all-inclusive! Good quality wine is included with all meals (by the bottle!). The main restaurant has a fairly limited choice in the evenings, but there should be something for everyone, and if not there is always the nightly beach BBQ. All food is of the highest quality. The TAO a la carte restaurant is very special, and a really nice night out - however best to book ASAP to ensure getting a table. Deli is excellent for a quick snack during the day. Again, service in all restaurants is faultless.


The all-inclusive feature incorporates premium brand international drinks available 24/7. The club house offers drinks until 11pm and has an excellent selection of cocktails! The piano bar can be very lively or very relaxing in the evenings and sing-a-longs are common! (up-market karaoke!). The Piano Bar is open until the last guest leaves (7am is not that bizarre!) and should you choose to spend the evening in the jacuzzi they will continue to bring you champagne, or whatever takes your fancy until you leave (again, no problem should that be 7am!)! During the day staff are constantly patrolling the beach and pools to see if you need a top up.


In the evenings there is limited organized entertainment (one show a week, and a nightly disco) however Le Sport is the kind of place where a stranger is only a friend you haven't yet met (terrible cliché!), so you are bound to find your own entertainment! Beleive me - you want a lively evening, you will get one!

During the day there is a whole host of entertainments (all listed on the notice board in the club house) including archery, fencing, yoga, pilates, golf, tennis, watersports (with waterskiing included in the price!) and many more... There is no excuse to be bored here!!! However, should you wish to have a more relaxed, sun, sea and sand holiday you can! No-one is going to pressure you into activities.


Included in the package you receive 2 treatments per day (treatments range from swedish massage to the more exotic like sea-jet massage!). Some other treatments (Thai Massage etc) are available at additional cost (probably not worth it though - with 2 treatments a day, surely more would be greedy?!). Word of warning, unless you're into that kind of thing, I wouldnt reccomend the sea-weed wrap! Having seaweed painted EVERYWHERE on your NAKED body, and then being wrapped in plastic and an electric blanket for 15 minutes is not my idea of fun!!!


On my first visit went on the whale and dolphin trip. Nice way to see the beautiful St Lucian coastline. Only half day, and not too expensive. Your chances of seeing whales arent that high, but we did see a pod of dolphins.

Did the half day shopping tour as well. Bit of a waist of time though! Better just asking the hotel to book you a taxi to the Point Seraphine (duty-free mall in Castries) if you want to go shopping. Castries city centre is interesting, but not the best shopping in the world!

The Grenadines trip is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!! Very pricey (about $200 US I think?) but amazing!!! They take you on a small plane from Castries to Union Island where you are met by a boat to take you sailing round the islands. It is honestly the most beautiful place I have ever seen!!! Very different from St Lucia - white sands and turquoise waters. Its worth it for the plane ride alone (the view of the Pitons mountains, and the corals as you approach Union Island is unreal!). It is worth every penny!!!

The hotel also organizes an overnight turtle watch where you camp on a beach and watch turtle eggs hatch. Haven't done this but heard its amazing. Seemed a little pointless paying so much to stay in a luxury hotel, and then spending even more to camp on a beach though. Whatever takes your fancy!

Again, one I haven't done, but have heard only very good reports about the sunset catamaran cruise.

Another must-do is a visit to the 'Jump-Up' in Rodney Bay. This happens every friday and is a small colorful street carnival, with lots of loud, lively, local music (good deal of Bob Marley as well!). A really nice way to see some local culture, and a really good party. Very safe, but obviously stay fairly sensible (don't flash cash around etc). Best thing is to pay one of the hotel staff to take you. We got Gaspar from Watersports (guy build like an oxe) who drove us there and back and looked after the ladies in the group - kept away street sellers etc. Payed him around $40 US - split between few people, and bought him a couple of beers.

ST LUCIA - The Island

Stunning Island. More like a south pacific island than Caribbean. Very lush, very tropical. If you fly to the Southern Airport at Hewanorra you have about a 1 hour transfer to the hotel, but its a good chance to see the island's magnificent interior.

It is a very interesting island, but if you're wanting a week or two of sight-seeing you may be a little dissappointed. Also, not a place for shop-aholics!

Nightlife is not wild on the island (probably best sticking to the resort for that) but the Jump-Up is definately worth going to, and if you're there the 2nd week in July, the carnival is brilliant. There are a couple of night-clubs / bars. Indies and Shamrocks are probably the closest to Le Sport, and probably the best as well! Again, when visiting these, it is helpful if you can get a member of hotel staff to accompany you, although I don't want to give the wrong impression - this is a very safe island.


Le Sport obviously has the main advantage for singles of cheaper single rooms, however it is an excellent resort as well if you are travelling on your own. Many singles chose to dine alone, however there is also a singles table you can join and meet new people. The singles (unless they chose to keep to themselves) tend to become friendly with either other singles, or couples, and as I said before, everyone gets along very well, and you are bound to meet some very interesting people! At Le Sport I have met: A polish psychiatrist, Admiral in the English Navy, CNN Entertainment reporter, Co-Producer of Sex and the City, and many many more very interesting people.

Le Sport isn't just a singles place though - it is also excellent for families with older children (the hotel only allows children 12 yrs + in the hotel in July and August, and 16 yrs + at other times). It can also be a very romantic place, and there are many people there on their honeymoon, and even some getting married there.


It really is an amazing place! Would suite pretty much anyway. Is a great way to unwind without becoming bored. All the people are so friendly, service is excellent, the grounds are beautiful, facilities astounding, what more could you want?!?!?!

Thanks to James for this trip report ...
April 2003

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