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Home > Destinations > San Andres, Colombia > Trip Reports > Trip Report

San Andres, Colombia - Trip Reports

Decameron Marazul

Just got back from the Marazul, great resort, friendly people, good food, great snorkling, we had perfect weather,departing from TO, hotel to hotel with stopover in Panama was 12 hours, coming back was 7 hours hotel to getting in our vehicle at the airport in TO.

If you go the Marazul you should walk to Rocky Cay and lay on the beach and have a cool one, you can walk out to the cay on sand and you don't need shoes, water is up to your waist.Great beach and quiet here. Shop for liquor or coffee at the store just across from the Channel View hotel on the way back (better prices than downtown).

At the Marazul you get a free shuttle to another cay just in front of the hotel (can't remember its name)great snorkling there, take a little bread out to feed the fish because you will see plenty, even more with the bread.Be prepared to be charged for every and anything out there even a chair to sit on. If you are going to take a tour of the island I agree with other postings that you should use a taxi and if you can find a fellow named Lester at the Marazul and use him for every ride you need it is well worth your while, speaks quite good English. The quality of drinks at this resort depends on your bartender the tall girl at the bar on the pier has been a bartender for 15 years, I believe she said, she makes the best Ceasar. Also try their Black and White drink.

Rooms are clean and spacious,pool is very large and nice to sit around, be careful in the evenings not to sit under the trees, we got a few bites, no bugs on the beach though. The shoreline at the beach is raked 4 or 5 times a day and is always clean.

Best meals are at the Caravelle restaurant so make as many reservations there as you can. The buffets are good too especially the soups, bread, chicken and fish.I didn't care for their deserts though, lots of fresh fruit there. Beer is also very good, you usually get the local beer at the bars and restaurants but I saw BullDog and Heineken in the stores.Best snorkling for fish that is, is at the natural pool, Lester knows where this is. Hundreds of fish will come to you if you have bread. Quite a few fish just off the dock at the Hotel too, we saw a blowfish, needlefish plus many more.

Most things are priced in Pesos and if you pay in US you will get pesos back.The departure tax now at the San Andres airport is 26 US dollars and only US dollars per person and your baggage and your body will be searched at customs.The beach is self contained and you can not walk down the coast which was a little disapointing as I like to beachcomb.I didn't talk to too many Americans there, mostly Canadians and Columbians from the mainland.Very quiet where our room was at night, I think at 11 pm the music was turned off so we all got a good nights sleep. Saw lots of crabs and lizards at night, watch where you step. My daughter got her hair done in braids and it cost her 20 US right on the beach (ask for Karoline).The ages of the people at the resort was from 2 to 82.

Thanks to Jim for this trip report ...
December 2001

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