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Mexico - Trip Reports

Copacabana, Playa del Carmen

My husband and I stayed at the Copacabana from February 3-10. We had been to this area of Mexico before, the first time at Gran Porto Real in Playa del Carmen. Our opinion of the Copacabana was mixed. We were not disappointed, but we were not impressed either.


The pool was very large and impressive. There were plenty of chairs throughout the day, always plenty in the shade. I did not notice a lot of "towel saving" going on. The water temperature was great, and so were the activities. We were disappointed with the Jacuzzis. They look inviting, but are cold. Therefore no one was ever in them. There is not swim up bar, which isn't a big deal for us. Another thing to note is the pool closes at 6. This was not a problem for us, but some people were disappointed about that. The activities can also be quite noisy, which can make it difficult if you just want to relax and read. It is quieter in the morning and on the beach. The activity team tries very hard, but they can really get in your face when you just want to relax.


The beach was the best part of the Copacabana. It was extremely beautiful.great waves, soft sand, distance to walk. It was also very clean.


We were not impressed with the food at all. If you have never been to an all inclusive you would probably not think anything of it. But having been to another all inclusive, it was disappointing. The buffet is rather bland. It has the same food everyday, and none of it is that good. I could only eat pizza and fries so much. And it's disappointing to go on vacation and each "cafeteria food". However, the breakfast buffet was pretty good. You are allowed one reservation at each of the specialty restaurants. The Italian one was great, but we liked the Mexican one the best. There is no room service at this resort, which we had at the other one, and we missed it. You also cannot get food after 10 pm because the buffet closes then.


The beer here is Dos XXs on tap. I thought it was okay.I prefer Corona. My husband thought it was flat. We ended up going out and buying some Corona and putting it in our fridge. The mixed drinks weren't that good. The good thing was that you could go up and get your own beer because the tap was on the other side of the bar. One thing I highly recommend is bringing your own insulated mugs. We did this because the resorts have very little glasses. The bartenders will happily fill the mugs.


There is a movie every night at 6. They show popular ones such as Coyote Ugly, Minority Report, Dirty Dancing, etc. After that they have Bingo followed by a show. The shows were pretty good. The Michael Jackson one was awesome. Do not miss it. The disco was pretty lame.never a lot of people there.


The room was okay. Again, not as good as the room at the other resort. There is not view; just jungle. I knew this before we went, but I didn't realize how much I would miss the ocean view. The balcony is very secluded. The fridge was not very cold and you only got one of each soda in the fridge. We tried asking for all Diet Coke and no Sprite, Coke or Fanta, but they wouldn't do it. There is also no beer in the fridge. You also have to pay $4 a day for the safe, which kind of ticked me off. We didn't have to do that at Gran Porto, as it was included.

Overall, the resort is okay. I think it is more of a family resort than a resort for couples. One of the things that disappointed us the most was the location. You had to drive 20-25 minutes to get into Playa del Carmen. After a few days I started feeling like I was on a cruise ship, so this became a problem. We quickly learned about the colectivos (white vans you flag down..$1.50 a person each way). It was also bothersome that we had to go into town almost everyday to eat because we didn't like the food at the resort. I would recommend this resort to families, but if you're a couple I recommend the Gran Porto Real in Playa del Carmen. Next time we go we are also going to not do all inclusive. Because we ate in town so often, we realized how awesome the food is there. And it is not expensive. Also, I had read a lot of complaints about the walking distance between rooms, the pool, and lobby at the resort. It did not bother us at all. We actually enjoyed it. We saw a lot of wildlife and iguanas during them.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me! (sdp123078@hotmail.com) Make sure to put Copacabana in the subject line or I will delete it!

Thanks to Danielle for this trip report ...
February 2003

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