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Mexico - Trip Reports

Royal Decameron, Nuevo Vallarta

The Flight

We flew with Westjet from Toronto; it was our first flight with them. It was a good flight, there were no movies, or hot food but that was ok. The flight staff is just great; they make you feel right at home, they told jokes all the time and played a game for some little prize. It made a nice change from Air Canada.

The Grounds

The resort is quit clean and workers are always cleaning, the pools are very small but clean. The rooms are in five blocks of four floors each, only building #2 has an elevator. This is a real pain. I felt sorry for the maids and the bellboys that have to take all there stuff up the stairs everyday. There are four bars, but there is only one bar, that has shade with some good chairs and nice view of the beach. The lighting of the grounds is very poor, at night.

The Rooms

The rooms are bare but clean. The beds were firm, and the ones in our rooms had some little bugs that can't half bite, so we sprayed the beds ourselves everyday. There is no shampoo or hairdryers in the room. The TV was old and would not change channels from the remote. (It was screwed to the top of the night table)


The staff was just fine; I had no problem with any of them. They work real hard in that hot humid weather. Most of them spoke English.

The Food

I could not eat the food most of the time, had to go out for dinner 3 times. Twice to the Outback stake house near Wal-Mart and once downtown. I was looking forward to the food, as we were told it was so much better than Cuba. The food at the Super clubs in Cuba is so much better. They only cooked bacon for breakfast every other day, and then keep it behind the counter.

The Beach

The beach is just ok, but it is no Varadaro! The red flag only came down once all week, and only for a couple of hours. You should wear water shoes if you are going in the water as there are stingrays on the bottom. The water is not as clear as it is in the Caribbean. There is a market at south end of the beach prices are high compared to in town. I bought a sombrero in town for $18.00us and on the beach they wanted $60.00us to start off with, and it was not as nice.

The Town

I liked the down town, it was very nice, lots of things to see and do, but beware of the time share guys they are all over the place. The price buy taxi is $15.00 each way, (make sure you ask the driver first). You can walk to the top of the road a take a bus for 9 pesos each. You will have to haggle in the market if you want to buy anything, but not in the high end stores, the prices are fixed.


Not the holiday I was hoping for, all in all I like Cuba a lot better. The resort is too far away from downtown, the beach is rough all the time, and the sun didn't come up until after 8:00am, because of the mountains to the east. We met some really nice people from around the world, on some of our day tours.

Thanks to David for this trip report ...
September 2003

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