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Mexico - Trip Reports

Diving & Iberostar, Cozumel

Just returned from Cozumel. Trip originated in Newark airport.

Arrived at airport 4:00am for 6:00am Continental flight to Cozumel. We got to gate approx. 5:30am. There were six of us; 4 packed their regulators in baggage, 2 had them in carry on. Security triple checked the carry on bags, we had no problems. Caused very little delay

Flight went smoothly to Houston, Plenty of time to make our connection to Cozumel.

Arrived in Cozumel 11:30am their time. We had transfers with package; Got to Iberostar Hotel by 12:45 and had first cocktail by 12:46. They served us while filling out paperwork at front desk. We were assigned room 2212 which turned out to be perfect from a diving perspective.

Rooms had a mini bar that was stocked every other day with beer, water and soda. They also had a in-room safe which is very convenient. Room was not large, but who cares we were there to go diving :). Each room had a hammock on porch.

Walked about 50 yards to dive shop to sign up for next 8 days dives. Signed up for Whale package; 18 dives, + 1 free dive , since we pre registered with Dressel Divers in Spain, total cost was $446 per diver.We did 2,2,3,4,2,2,2,2 Sat to Sat.Will get back to diving after description of Hotel food, drink, etc.

Iberostar has essentially 3 3/4 restaurants. Breakfast and dinner near lobby restaurant(i.e., always breakfast); food was excellent (spanish not mexican).

Lunch was at restaurant near pool(i.e, where our room was). Personal opinion, rooms near pool are better than near lobby. Reason being the theater is next to lobby and can be quite loud. Also the septic facilities are close to theater:).

They also have a Mexican restaurant that is air conditioned with limited seating. Excellent food, reservations are made in lobby 9:30-10:30am or 4:30pm-5:30 for next day. If you are staying a week you can go twice to specialty restaurants.

Other Restaurant is steak house. This is really lunch restaurant near pool which is converted to steakhouse at night. Excellent steak. We ate once at Mex and Steak.

p.s. need to wear pants at these restaurants. Also no tank tops for guys at dinner at any restaurant.

Drinks are unlimited and they also have a pool bar. I thought drinks were good, wine was so-so. They have music almost every night in lobby. makes for a great cocktail hour before dinner. We all preferred the restaurant near lobby.

Beach was ok , did not have a sandy entry, rocks. My wife and I usually walked south approx. ¼ mile and went swimming. this was very close to Allegro Hotel. Looked like they had a better beach area. Our price was probably better:)

Diving:Context- There were 5 divers in our group and we dove together everyday. Usually 7 or 8 divers lead by dive master. profile on 1st dive all in water all down together, follow dive master, when someone was at 750psi they would send up a sausage attached to reel, diver(s) that was low would go up for 3-5 minute safety stop gently holding line and drift along with us. After safety stop surface and hold on to sausage until boat picks them up. Than based on time would reel sausage in while we continue dive. They tried to match diving skills with each group. Since our group stayed down max. time on each dive we either got 45 or 55mins. bottom time. They asked if i would dive with a newbie, i said yes as long as i didn't have to go up when they did. They then decided to buddy him up with dive master. After that they never asked again and assumed the five of us would buddy up. Worked out ok. Boats were comfortable, easy exit and getting back on. dive sites were usually 2-10mins away. I enjoyed all dive sites.

Cozumel has abundance of fish, We saw hundreds of queen angels(other islands your lucky to see a couple), 4 swimming nurse sharks and 1 nurse shark beneath a crevice. Numerous crabs, lobsters and several groupers. Saw 3 Toad fish which only exist in Cozumel and 2 Tug fish. Overall the diving was excellent and we all enjoyed our stay.

They have a gear room where you can stash your wet gear. worked out ok.

Ah yes, halfway thru week we double checked to make sure how many dives that had us taken versus remaining. wouldn't want any problems with billing. No problems but its good to double check.

No problems returning to New York other then temperature-:)

Thanks to Fred for this trip report ...
November 2001

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