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Jamaica - Trip Reports

Couples Negril

We went to Couples Negril last year in the Thanksgiving week of November. We had a wonderful time and fell in love with both the resort and Jamaica. This was our first ever adults only all-inclusive and we have decided that this is the ONLY way to go! For reference we are a couple who has been married 6 years at time of trip--I am 37--he is 45. We have no kids but have been raising his son from a previous marriage.

We arrived after the brutal ride from MoBay (me a little motion sick) to friendly Jamaican folks in a gorgeous open air lobby. We walked into an elegant entrance with muted decorations-very classy and understated. We were welcomed heartily with champagne and shown to the piano bar while our reservations were quickly processed. The bartender created a "Jamaican Delight" for my husband while I asked for a Miller lite-tummy still iffy! Everyone seemed so happy that we were finally there!--as if they knew us from Adam? It was dark so we couldn't see the beach but we were extremely impressed by the lovely pool. It was late but a few "night owl" couples were still roaming--fairly dead though as this is not a late night party establishment. My husband got some food at the beach grill but I was still a little queasy and just watched. I tried to check out the beach but it was too dark to tell. We soon retired to the room for a much needed rest.

Next day--I bounded out of bed at the crack of dawn, showered and was ready to hit the beach! Martin was too so we wandered down to a picture perfect Caribbean bay that was smooth as glass with a beautiful white beach surrounding. It took a couple of hours for others to come out of their rooms which gave us time to explore the very beautiful grounds. I will break the rest of the trip into categories so not to ramble.


Definitely that of a 5 star resort. Each buffet was elegant and unique. I loved the corn porridge! Made to order smoothies and omelets rounded out a full breakfast menu. If you aren't rich and famous, you would forget that here--the staff and wait people make you feel like royalty! The lunch buffet was similar in its elegance. I can't remember details but you could have almost anything you wanted! If a more casual beach menu suited your style, the beach grill provided burgers, fries, jerk chicken, nachos, etc...as well as soft serve ice cream. Do NOT fear going hungry! You won't! I remember watching Martin devour 2 to 3 servings of jerk chicken while calorie counter me looked on in envy. Still gained 5 lbs--musta been the ubiquitous pina coladas!

Dinner was another divine affair. You could go to either the beach grill--transformed into a little seaside gourmet restaurant--or the terrace restaurant which also began serving a la carte dining (except on specialty nights.) My husband refused to bring long pants (stubborn!) so we couldn't eat at the gourmet restaurant. We regretted that because we heard it was excellent. What a lesson we have learned! I have read in trip reports that people have complained about the slow service--this didn't faze us...we had no where to be!

Water Sports:

We were sorry we don't scuba because that is included and heard of many people taking neat trips. We did take advantage of a snorkeling trip--my first time and in deep water so I had to wear a life vest and had trouble getting used to breathing thru my mouth. But we saw some amazing things and got hooked! Now we have our own equipment and go any chance we have!

My husband is an accomplished water skiier and took advantage of that one day. He slalomed and the boat driver said with awe--"Respect, Mon!" I highly recommend the water sport of laying on a raft and soaking up sun! One day it was windy and the surf was up. We had a blast body surfing with the rubber floats--so did other couples!


I wouldn't call it elegant but it is very nice and has a great shower with consistent temperature and pressure. Nice balcony--not ocean view but lovely gardens. Who needs a great room on vacation anyway?


This is where Couples Negril excels. This is a very classy resort with people from different areas of the country as well as different countries--to talk to! We met a very nice older couple--gentleman was a minister in Pennsylvania and his wife taught little bitty kids. We spent some time with them and enjoyed them immensely! We met lots of Brits, Germans, Canadians, and Europeans who were very nice.

The Jamaican people are so lovely! They are beautiful to look at with bright smiles and gorgeous teeth! They are so warm and friendly. We enjoyed getting to know them and they learned our names right away! The staff will do anything to help your stay be more comfortable! We had a massage that was amazing--my first ever!

This is not a "Party Hearty Place"--to get that, go to Hedo or a local club. But if you like to take it easy, have a few drinks and make friends with strangers, this is the place to go!

Couples is a lovely, friendly, elegant resort! I enjoy writing this report for I shall be there on Christmas Eve--this enhances the anticipation!

Soon Come!!

Thanks to Mary Beth for this trip report ...
December 2001

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