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Cuba - Trip Reports


Stayed at Jibacoa for 2 weeks and had a fabulous time.

RECEPTION: Easy checking in - they have your room keys and locks for your safe and ready to go. You have to fill in these questionaires before you get your package. WE had a big group from Vancouver/Calgary - it was a lil bit chaotic but we managed. No bell boy to help us find our room - but we didn't care - we just asked someone who looked like they work there and it was fine - no big deal. The Resort you can tell was booked! which was good for them - kinda ok for us. I was kinda worried about the overbooking - but didn't realize that there were flights living that night - so the chaos died down by the next day. It was perfect Sunshine and Heatness.

ROOMS: Spacious and very clean. Make sure you check the airconditioning and the plumbing before you unpack. Some of the rooms have not been used for awhile and may need some checking. We had some foul smell coming from the drainage in the bathroom but we figured there hasn't been any water drained in there and just poured some water and it was fine. No problem. Pillows were paper thin. Just ask the front desk for extra - if the resort not fully booked (that could be the excuse everytime you ask for extra) I just improvised and used the extra flannel sheet as pillow to give some height. You wanna be comfortable when staying for 2 weeks. I prefer the 2nd floor all times. Critters can crawl on first floors easier.

RESTAURANTS: Clean and up to par. 3 ala carte book them same day you arrive. 1 buffet dinner. We tried all 3 ala carte and they were all good. You can book one per alacarte a week. We did book twice cause we were there for 2 weeks but we didn't make it for the Cuban the first week because our tour got in too late and the Ranchon one - it was cancelled the first week due to bad weather. Yes we did get rain for 3 days. The food - was excellent. Lots to choose from - I WAS NEVER HUNGRY! too much food so lil stomach! Met the finest servers and made quite a bit of friends. MEAT! VEGGIES! FRUITS! Desserts name it... trust me there's lots to choose from. There's always grill food by the beach. freshly made pizza - hotdogs - burgers - and fries to die for. Of course DRINKS ARE BOTTOMLESS.

BARS: 5 bars altogether. Don't miss the piano bar upstairs by the reception - didn't know it was there till the 3rd day. Someone plays piano and can do Karaoke too -

ACTIVITIES: They have them scheduled every day. Spanish lessons - hike at 9am to the mountains - don't miss this one - its nice to see the property up top. Dance lessons. Also tournaments - pingpong- billiards - cards - if you win you receive free tours - scooter tour and bus tour. There's lots to do - sign up by the reception for your tours - scooter tours run from U$9.00-36.00 and all other tours like HAvanna tour $51-$79. all long tours include lunch. We went on 3 tours and I recommmend them all. Jungle tour $65 - Havanna Trip with cigar factory $69 - Jeep Tour $75. All different experiences. The nautical shop can sign you up to catamaran ride - scuba diving is included - we dove 8 times - if no experience you can sign up M/W/F only the next day you can dive 12 m for beginners at 10am (11:00am cuban time - he he he) and 8:30am for experienced divers. We met a handful of people that always stay the Jibacoa Resort for the diving. One lady - it was her 4th trip to this resort for the past YEAR! Kayacking you just grab your gear by the beach and go on your own. Wind surfing lessons at 10:30am. There's lots to do. Plan ahead and you won't be disappointed. Nightly shows - different theme each night. Discos and bars till 2am.

POOL: clean and lots of chairs. Volleyball net and basketball net too.

BEACH: THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Make sure you get snorkel gear from the dive shop. only six feet away from shore you will find another world! FISH FISH FISH!!! bring bread to feed them. The corals are just off the shore you don't need to go too far if you're not comfortable swimming. but if you want to explore more head down straight directly from the Beach grill and you will see corals and more fishes - carribean is excellent for this. it's awesome.

STAFF: Hard workers - specially the waitresses and waiters. Treat them right and you'll get the BEST Treatment too. Reception staff - lack of help - need more staffing if the resort is booked - Bar Staff - gosh they pour drinks probably a 1000 times so be patient. Maid service - excellent.

Overall we had a great and relaxting 2 weeks. The first week straight sunshine the last week we got rained on 3 days straight. NO big deal since they haven't had rain for 5 months. yikes.

I would recommend this resort. Great staff - they do the best they can and make sure you let them know how good OR bad of a job they do - they will appreciate it.

Have fun. so this is my share of review - I hope I can help someone with alot of questions - cause this cite surely helped me alot planning our trip.. Take care and God Bless. (any questions email me ija71@hotmail.com)

Unica (YVR) May 13 -27, 2002

Thanks to Ija for this trip report ...
June 2002

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