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Cuba - Trip Reports

Villa Covarrubias, Holguin

I have been to Villa twice in the last 6 months. April/ 01, and August/01. I am planning another trip in January.

Regardless of the other trip reports that you have seen here. The resort is fantastic. Yes it is a 40 minute drive to the nearest town, but sometimes it takes me 40 minutes to get to work. NO big deal. It's also a 1 1/2 hour ride to Las Tunas, which is a much bigger city. On our last night 8 of us rented a bus for 120.00 and it took us into Las Tunas to the disco and drove us back. 15.00 each really isn't much. And diffinitely worth it. Puerto Padre (40 minutes away) is a beautiful small city. At the sea wall there is a beautiful statue of dophins. Lot's of history in this town.

Arriving in Holguin, we got our bags and were on the bus in no time. The drive is 1 1/2 - 2 hours to the resort. The ride can be alittle bumpy. But the bus is comfortable and air conditioned. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. The time flys. Upon arriving it was late and the restaurant was suppose to be closed but they stayed up for us and provided us with what was available. As well as stashing some sandwiches and a couple cans of coke in our mini fridges for later.

The Rooms

The rooms are fantastic, I have stayed in both second floor and first floor rooms. The beds are great. The room size is huge, which we had a few parties in. The voltage is 220 so if you are planning on curling your hair, watch out cause it will melt in your hands.. lol.. Another experience.

The Sink is not behind doors, how ever the rest of the bathroom is. The shower is nice and roomy. Towels, toilet paper, shampoo and shoap are provided. And refreshed daily. T.V some english movie stations, of coarse spanish channels. The view is breath taking. Most bungalows have a view because of the way the buildings are situated.

The beach

The beach is GORGEOUS!! It is very well kept and the white sand is breath taking. The water is a few shades of green and blue that you wont forget. There aren't alot of beach chairs but if you take a minute to look along the beach I'm sure you'll find one. Yes the towels do cost 20USD if you loose one. Just don't lose your towel. Never heard of any towel theifs though. The sunset is unforgettable. I have pictures if you would like to see for yourself.

The Pool

The Pool area is never very busy. Which is nice, you don't have to worry about a huge crowd around the pool. One thing I was shocked of was that the pool was salt water. However very nice along with a small slide for the kids.

The food

The food I found was good. If your normally a picky person well then you may have some problems. There is a pasta table, two types of pasta, two types of sauce, and toppings etc. Rice, potatoes, fish, pork, (fried chicken.. was very good) desserts, salad bar, ice cream !! And always fresh fruits. The restaurant is buffet however the waitresses, and waitors will serve drinks and are very professional and friendly. The are currently building a beach restaurant directly on the beach this should be done by the new year. Only means more selection!!!

At the pool bar there is fries, burgers, hot dogs, and these fantastic, cheese and/or ham sandwiches. I love them and tend to crave them occasionally. : )

The Disco

The disco is great, it's set in a lagoon. It is open so that the breeze hits you while you dance the night away. The music is mixed. So there is plenty of chances to show what you got on the dance floor.

The Entertainment

The entertainment is great, the shows are all very will organized by Kiko, (supervisor) And the entertainment staff is one of a kind, Yonis, Salvador, Ginette, Maikel. Do an amazing job on skits etc. Dance lessons everyday at 5:30pm. Is great. But guys if your not into that there is archery. Beach volleyball. Aqua fit, Aerobics, and so much more.


I LOVE THIS HOTEL!!! It's my most favorite place. It's not all fancy but it's a GREAT!! get away. The crowd was of all ages. There were alot of Italiens when I went however, I heard from friends that there will be more Canadians traveling there in the near future and fewer Italians. But don't you worry all the entertainment staff speak, French, English, Italian, and Spanish. !!!!

I would diffinitely recommend this resort. If you have ANY questions or would like to see pictures, let me know.

Thanks to Amanda for this trip report ...
November 2001

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