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Cuba - Trip Reports

Club Amigo Mayanabo, Santa Lucia

My husband and I returned from Club Amigo Mayanabo, Santa Lucia Beach near Camaguey last night April 22/04. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and plan to return to this resort! One must travel to Cuba with an open mind. You can not be fussy. Things are different there, so don't expect it to be like home! I am sure we could have found things to complain about but why bother?

I was not sure what to expect and was so pleasantly pleased with Club Amigo Mayanabo. It is a perfect 3 star resort! The grounds of the resort were lovely, surrounded by palm trees. The pool was gorgeous and there was a bar by the pool. Sometimes you needed to be patient with the service but you are vacation, chill out and relax. Don't let little things upset you. The beach was beautiful. A very basic beach bar but it was there! Water sandals are useful as it is a little rough right in front of the resort, however if you walked to the right on the beach the sand was quite smooth.

The rooms were very simple, but very clean and lovely and bright. I would bring a pillow next time. We stayed in building 3 which I had heard was not as good as the other 2 buildings. Our room was just fine. Yes, not very sound proof. Bring some earplugs or we discovered just closing your bathroom door helps! The air conditioner will also drown out the sounds from the disco next door. The food was fine.

We were always able to find something to eat. There is always rice, pasta, fish, bread and fruit. Loved the bananas! Didn't really care that I couldn't have wine with lunch, I had it with dinner. I found the staff quite warm and friendly. Some were better than others but for the most part if you smiled at them or greeted them, they greeted you!

It is not a huge party place. Santa Lucia Beach is not really near anything. You can walk to the other few resorts. This is a place for relaxation and rest. The winds were very high but we were told this was not a usual thing. However it would have been very hot without the wind! We had plenty of sunshine!

I felt incredibly safe the whole time we were there. We took a horse and cart on a little tour of Santa Lucia and were able to visit a school which was most interesting. We did bring plenty of little gifts; candy, pens and paper for the kids and toiletry items for the adult staff. Even a small cash tip is very much appreciated. The best tip I read via the internet was to bring an insulated mug. This was a great idea and a must! Loved my coffee on the beach in the morning and then it kept my drinks cold and because they were bigger than the little plastic cups I didn't have to go to the bar as often!

This was my second visit to Cuba and I loved it again. It is a wonderful country!

Thanks to Karen for this trip report ...
April 2004

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