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Bonaire - Trip Reports

Bonaire Diving

Just came back from Bonaire. Went on August 11 and came back eventually the 19. My flight from San Juan to Bonaire via Curacao was cancelled. Thank god I knew about all of your experiences of ALM and called in 2 days before departure. After some shuffling I found that United Airlines represented ALM in San Juan and I was given a change to a direct flight from San Juan to Bonaire and eventually made it to Bonaire the 11th at 8:55pm about an hour after the original time.

We rented a car from budget..........(you might want to consider different local rental companies...Budget was slow and crowded). We eventually went to Plaza where we were greeted cheerfully and given a fruit punch.

Recomendation: If you have the money..................Stay at the Plaza.......it was for me the best expericence..........Also, if you also have the money.........dive with Toucan Diving (at the end it was cheaper).............all of the staff were extremely friendly and went out of their way to please you. Toucan was always on time and sharp regarding keeping to the schedule. 8:30 am the boat leaves.................we dove with the S. E. Aruba boat ............2 tank dive....with Ebby DM and Erwin.. very friendly.

I found one buddy and was lucky that we were compatible and dove my 14 dives with him. His wife also did not dive and was happy snorkeling and shopping with my wife. I bought a Citizen Dive watch for $ 247 US and the cheapest I've seen it was $ 390...good deaL.

My impression...............Bonaire is top if not the top scuba diving place................There was not ONE bad scuba site that I can remember. Even the shore diving off the Plaza is WORLD class. Night diving off the Plaza i saw morey ills, lobsters and huge Tarpon that dive with your light all the way through.

On the way back I called ALM three days before departure and again my flight was cancelled. After my non diving wife shuffled through all the bureaucracy in person at the airport, cause ALM did never answer their phones, we were given a few options but the best was to stay an extra day to Sunday and leave at 6 am on Sunday........had to be at 4am at the airport on a direct flight to San Juan via American Airlines. So they moved our last night to the Divi Flamingo where I was greeted in the room by a huge cockroach which I killed imediately with my sandal before my wife could scream (I start missing the Plaza). After that it was fine. We pigged out at lunch and dinner at the Chibi Chibi (restaurant).......everything paid by ALM.

We left on Sunday aproximately on time after some problem was resolved with the plane regarding some overloading of the cargo bay.

Overall we loved Bonaire.............we didn't mind the glitches............We will be back someday..............

Thanks to shaftone for this trip report ...
August 2001

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