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Home > Destinations > Antigua and Barbuda > Trip Reports > Trip Report

Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Jolly Beach Resort

I thought it would be great to do a trip review to iron out some worrys about Antigua.

We flew in on a flight linked from San Juan, American Airlines. About a half hour flight, we landed in a beautiful little airport.

From the minute we stepped off the plane, we were greeted with immense island hospitality. We were even greeted by a big ol' fat cat in the terminal! (imagine THAT happening back home!)

The taxi was extremely easy to find, and picked us up minutes after arrival. Took us to Jolly Beach Resort.

The taxi ride was fun, seeing that they drive European, meaning the OTHER side of the street! While cruising to the resort, we saw many goats, horses, cows, chickens, all lining the fields and roads.

The part you notice most, is that this island is SO untouched, and so full of beauty. Not commercialized at all. This I found to be wonderful, holding their culture and history seemed very important

The taxi rolled into JBR, and we were greeted with huge smiles and a hearty cup of Rum Punch! We were promptly checked in, and they helped us upstairs to our fourth floor over look room. We booked standard room, and got 4429, a room over looking the ocean and garden.

The room was spacious, very clean, a gorgeous balcony with a cushion that you could sleep on comfortably with two people, a few chairs and a table, the inside had a king size bed, phone, AC, radio, vanity chair. The bathroom was descent sized, the shower was my only worry, you had PLENTY of hot water, but the draining was slower than usual. (might have just been the room, or that we were on 4th floor) Otherwise, you could hardly notice. They provided you with a blowdryer too.

The resort was filled with things to do. From a watersports section (kayaks, HobieCats, paddleboats) to two pools, a few bars, an outdoor grill, a big beach with many lounge chairs, and indoor shopping and browsing was available too.

The food was really good. Many different choices, and not one thing repeated at dinner/lunch at the Hemispheres. (that is the buffet style eating area)

The only thing we were disappointed with, is that when we booked, no one told us we needed to book the OTHER restaurants available BEFORE we departed Connecticut. We tried to get reservations, but only got one for Friday night. BOOK EARLY FOR LYDIAS or BOCCIOLOS!!!

The service at B's, (italian place) was not what we expected. They were VERY RUDE to us, and turned away people at the door for not being properly dressed. The food was alright, a little too uppity for me, too exotic i can't even begin to tell you what i ate!

We definately liked Hemispheres for the options and diversity of it. It also offered you a wonderful outdoor or indoor area to eat and you had your own waiter/waitress to help get drinks, etc.

We Loved it there!

The activities we did while there was first, Francos Glass Bottom boat. I was VERY dissappointed.

This guy was like a mafia king that had servants awaiting him. The boys that helped on the trip, were very pleasant, but Franco hid below deck THE ENTIRE TIME. They started us drinking from the instant we left port (oh, thats safe seeing that its a snorkeling trip)...they dropped us off in this area to snorkel, where we saw nothing but some lamely fish and dead grey coral across the ocean floor. It was very boring, and a waste of our money.

Franco was supposed to offer "secret snorkeling spots" and lively music w/ his banjo. The only secret I saw was the secret of how to get the hell off his boat. And the only music he played, was our sixty dollars in his ears. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL!!!

We also did the horseback riding. A WONDERFUL way to see the interior of the island. They were helpful curteous, and we got to gallop across two beaches, and do small trots/canters across sugar mills.

We also did Eli's Eco Tour, (see my review below) By far THE BEST part of the trip.

BOOK EARLY!!! and dont miss out! This is one thing that is a must for this island, i PROMISE YOU! I truly felt like we didnt see the island, until we spent Friday with Eli

All in all, it was wonderful, and i would recommend it to ANYONE!

Thanks to Melanie for this trip report ...
March 2004

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