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Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Royal Antiguan

Stayed at Royal Antiguan week of 2/21-2/28. Had a great time! We loved the Island and definitely want to go back.

Hotel was nice, we had a standard room and it was slightly run-down, but we weren't there that much so didn't really matter. Goats on the hillside are entertaining.

The beach was fantastic. Lots of water sports. Snorkeling was good along rocks walls at both ends of the beach, but cloudy in the middle. Didn't make it out to the shipwreck for a look-see.

Ate at Andes several times-food was really good. Lagoon Buffet was good too, different theme every night. Didn't go to Barringtons, not our style. The staff was very nice and friendly. The beach vendors were great people to talk to, very friendly even if you weren't interested in what they were selling.

Tip for fellow travelers: Hotel Mgmt will only cash $100 US travelers checks per day and only ½ US other ½ EC. Had fantastic weather except for Tuesday, cloudy all day with rain off and on. Weds started off cloudy but cleared up in the afternoon.

Had a good time at Shirley Heights Sunday night, but very crowded! Could barely get over to the wall to see the view.

Wadadli Cats on Weds was a great time and we made some new friends. Friday with Eli was a really good time too. He gives you a really great overview of the island, past and present. He shows you some really great sights. Snorkeling at Hell's Gate was good. A week is NOT enough time to see and do everything. Didn't make it to English Harbour or Nelson's Dockyard which I really regret. Not enough hours in the day I guess.

Going home was a nightmare. Flew US Air. From what I understand, we were only their 3rd trip to/from the island. They need to get their schedules straight. 2 hours late leaving Antigua, missed 2 different connecting flights. Had to spend the night in Charlotte, NC.

Overall though it was a fantastic vacation and as I said before, will definitely go back.

Thanks to Paulette for this trip report ...
March 2004

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