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Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Galley Bay

We stayed at Galley Bay for 13 outstanding nights from Nov 15 through Nov 27. In thanks to all for the help from this board I wanted to share of our wonderful experiences in hopes it might assist others.

We stayed on the ground floor of one of the premium beachfront rooms (#71)and couldn't have asked for more. Wouldn't have minded one of the same premimum rooms slightly closer to the pool and restauarant, but that's all I would have changed. We preferred the Seagrape Restaurant vs Gaugian, although they were both good, same type of food just different atmosphere. If you like a more intimate experience for meals than the Gaugian would be your choice.

The nightly entertainment and "peope mingling" happens at the SeaGrape. It's not the party, party atmosphere as say at Sandals, but that's not what I wanted. Excellent food at each, and I am an admitted food snob. As was mentioned before on this board, if it's not on the menu, just ask Mike, the restaurant/bar manager. My husband wanted curried goat, and voila, it was there for lunch the next day. The surf was too rough for me to swim in, as I have had ankle surgery. The under tow was very strong. Few guests were swimming in the ocean, but a few local surfers to watch. I heard that the sea was calmer around May. We could have sat and sunned in the chairs in front of the room on the beach, but it was just too hot without a dip in the water so we chose a pool side chair. The pool was great, not too much clorine and very few people in the water. Had neat ledges all around interior, including under the waterfall. Was also very close to the Tepee Bar (be sure and tell them you want the drink "to go" so they will give you a plastic cup). Speaking of the liquor, it's all first class premium quality. I read some where here that the wine doesn't pour very freely at lunch or dinner. We certainly didn't find it that way! There was someone coming around to top your glass off!

When we were there the resort was populated by about 85% Brits and a mix of Americans, Canadians, Germans and Europeans. I found it to be quite a nice age range, 20 something to 70'ish and all mingled well.

We rented the Sentio from 10:00pm to 4:00pm one day and it was so outstanding it deserves it's own posting and will do as soon as I can. I can't say enough about the staff. Every one of them bend over backwards to assist and always had a friendly smile.

As Troy said at the front desk when tears were coming to my eyes about departing, he said "well, you have to leave to some back". That we will. Please feel free to ask any questions. It'll will just bring back fond memories to share.

Thanks to Christine for this trip report ...
December 2003

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