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Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Rex Halcyon and island of Antigua

Just got back from Antigua and I had a great time. I knew little about Antigua before going there and to my surprise it was much better than what I expected. Contrary to a message I just read, chatboards like this one helped a lot on my vacation planning, regarding of who participates here, since I really don't know who they are, I must say this information site is very helpful. Simple as this, questions and doubts get answers here.

Hotel - I stayed at Rex Halcyon and had a great time there, definitively for the money I paid it was probably the best deal I could get on the island which I found expensive. I have read in different places over the net regular to bad reviews about this hotel, however I did not experience any of it. On the contrary, this hotel is very nice and the beach is great. I never ate there though so I wouldn't be able to say, but did have a beer and a great pina colada.

Eli's trip was fun and interesting, even though the weather didn't help us much since the hurricane was a couple of hundred miles away from us. However, Eli and Francis did a great job trying to show us their island(s) and the beautiful hidden spots regarding of the situation. I recommend this trip, specially if you want to see nature and spots you can only see by boat.

I also recommend renting a car and just driving around the island. Signs are not very helpful, but try using restaurant signs to move around, for example to get to English Harbor area follow Colombo signs.

I have visited probably half of the islands in the West Indies, since I am from the Caribbean myself(Puerto Rico) and I truly believe Antigua is one of the finest. Basically 3 reasons, beaches are amazing, people are friendly and there is some history for sightseeing(not found in many islands).

Food at Antigua is pretty good, although expensive(lobster seems to be the best deal compared to other dishes), I ate at coconut grove and trade winds hotel (forgot the name of the rest.) which I recommend. Shirley Heights is fun on Sunday afternoon, specially for the great music (two bands - steel band and reggae) and the great view, however I recommend eating somewhere else before getting there.

This trip was my first to Antigua and definitively won't be the last one.

Thanks to Ivan for this trip report ...
September 2003

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