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Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Pineapple Beach Resort

Lobby: The lobby is well kept but very small, we had a quick and easy check in and check out and they upgraded our room for no charge.

Landscaping - this is where the resort excelled - they had wonderful flowers and trees everywhere and they have a turtle area where you can sit and watch them as well as a bunch of gazebos all over the resort that have views of Long Bay.

Beach - One of the best I've seen and I've been to Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenadines, Cancun, Bahamas, Hawaii. Loved the snorkeling - saw lots of fish and brain coral right off of the beach. (Walk down the beach towards the long bay hotel for the best area of snorkeling).

Food: The food was great - the cooks do a great job, but there is not much of a choice of restaurants - the one main restaurant is where you end up eat breakfast lunch and dinner and that gets boring quickly. We also went up to Mary's for ribs for lunch a few times. Mary's had great food, cold bottled beer and a wonderful view. The other restaurant they have is called the Pineapple Grill - it was great but we only got to eat there one time. Now the resort also says they have an Italian restaurant but it just a roped off section of the main restaurant the Topaz, which is you eat ALL THE TIME! The only other thing we didn't like was that they had tiny buffets at breakfast and lunch and there wasn't a lot of variety to choose from. But overall all the food was very good quality.

Service - The service was good and bad - depending on whom you're dealing with - half the resort workers are friendly and courteous. But there are a few workers at the resort who were very unfriendly and rude. Some of the women at the restaurant wont even smile or say your welcome when you say thank you to them. But I think you have to realize they don't get paid much and they must be overworked.

Room - We had the 900 block and had wonderful views of the beach and pool. Room was clean, and nicely decorated, bathroom was large and we had lots of room. Only problem - don't be confused by the ice bucket and look for a machine there is no ice machine. We had a small coffee maker and TV with cable. Overall room was very comfortable, but we didn't spend much time there.

Excursions: We went on two trips, one to Cades Reef on the Wadadie Cats Tour this was the best snorkeling I've done and the catamaran was beautiful. The boat is brand new, very clean and they make you a wonderful lunch. Later the boat stops at Darkwood Beach, which was a beautiful beach. I highly recommend this tour. You also get to cruise by a lot of the other resorts and see the island coastline.

The other tour was a day trips to Barbuda- by the power catamaran the Excellence. The Excellence is a top notch beautiful boat, but the ride over is an hour give or take 15 min depending on how rough the sea is. The sea is very rough on this trip because you're crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Quite a few people got sick, and the pounding the catamaran takes is pretty rough. (And don't sit at the front of the boat unless you want to get blasted by salt water.) But once you get to Barbuda you see beautiful beaches, lots of birds, and it's a shell collector's dream come true. The Island is pretty flat, but has some of the prettiest beaches I've seen. The snorkeling was Good - but you only snorkel for about an hour. We saw lobster, Grouper, Blue Tang and lost of colorful reefs. I would recommend the Barbuda trip if you don't mind a rough boat trip.

All in All the Pineapple was a very nice resort - they didn't have much night life, so if you need entertainment you should go else where. It's a great resort for a honeymoon or wedding. I loved the beach and pool area. I would go back to Antigua but next time I think we may stay at another resort that is a bit bigger and closer to St. Johns so we can see the other side of the island.

Thanks to Suzanna for this trip report ...
August 2003

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