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In the capital city St. John's, there are main branches of the international commercial banking establishments - Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank PLC and Royal Bank of Canada. Several indigenous and offshore banks have grown over the years and have resulted in increased banking services available on the island.


Mostly informal. A few hotels require jackets for dinner. It is preferable, as a gesture to the host country not to wear swimsuits or scanty clothing in the towns and villages.
Credit Cards

Acceptable in most hotels and some restaurants and stores - please check beforehand. Travellers' cheques are always acceptable.

The Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollar is fixed to the US$1.00. U.S. currency is accepted almost everywhere. U.S., Canadian and U.K. currency notes are freely exchangeable at banks. Some hotels will also change these currencies.

Antiguans enjoy a prosperity unusual in the Caribbean with an economy that has progressed steadily over the last thirty years. The major industry is tourism and there is a small active industrial sector producing clothing and assembling electronic equipment among other things.

Either 110 or 220 volts. Always check with your hotel management. In any event, conversion plugs can be arranged through the hotel.

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward islands being 108 square miles.

Caribbean Map

The coast is rugged and contains many bays with many fine white sand beaches. Elsewhere, especially on the west coats, there are small areas of mangrove swamp. The island is also surrounded by coral reefs. While the island is generally flat, the landscape is dotted with gently rolling hills with the highest point in the south-west, Boggy Peak, reaching 1,360 ft. The island is divided into seven parishes, with St. John's the capital city located in the parish bearing the same name.


The official language is English. A colourful variation is spoken in the villages, for example: "Ah fuh me ting dat" meaning "that thing belongs to me".

Antigua has a population of 64,000 comprised chiefly of people of African descent in addition to North Americans, Europeans, Syrians and Lebanese.


Primarily Christian, with a multitude of denominations. Further variety is provided by a small group of rastafarians who worship the late emporer Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.


The dialling code to Antigua is 268 followed by seven digits. Direct dialling is available to and from most countries of the world. Calls can be made from hotels or from the office of Cable and Wireless in St. John's. Cellular phones are available for short and long term rentals from Boatphone. Local phone cards are available for use in special telephones placed around the island.
Tourist Board Offices

In the US:
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism and Trade
25 S.E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 300
Miami, FL 33131
Tel: 305 381-6762
Fax: 305 381-7908

Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism
610 Fifth Avenue, Suite 311
New York, NY 10020
Tel: 212 541-4117
Fax: 212 757-1607

In Canada:
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism & Trade
60 St. Claire Avenue East, Suite 304
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4T 1N5
Tel: 416-961-3085
Fax: 416-961-7218

In the U.K.:
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism
Antigua House, 15 Thayer Street
London W1M 5LD
Tel: (020) 7486-7073
Fax: (020) 7486-9970

Representing Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Italy & Northern Europe:
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism
Thomasstr. 11
D-61348 Bad Homburg
Tel: 49-6172-21504
Fax: 49-6172-21513

In Antigua:
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism
Long & Thames Streets
P.O. Box 363
St John's, Antigua W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0480
Fax: 268-462-2483

Antigua Hotels & Tourists Association
P.O. Box 454, Lower Redcliffe Street
St. John's, Antigua, W.I.
Tel: 268-462-0374
Fax: 268-462-3702


Though a scheduled public transporation system is not available, buses run on some routes. Travelling on a local bus is a great way to experience the local way of life and to see village communities. The local riders make visitors very welcome and ensure their well-being. Taxis are available everywhere on the with standard rates. Taxi tours can also be arranged. Car rentals are available from a number of reputable companies. Driving is on the left hand side of the road. You need to secure a local driving permit, easily obtainable from the Police Station or the Inland Revenue Department at a cost of US$20.

The water is generally safe to drink although some visitors prefer to buy bottled water which is readily available throughout the island.

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