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The Turks and Caicos Online Tourist Guide

Capital: Cockburn Town on Grand Turk

Climate: Summer: 83-90 degrees (28-32 Celsius). Winter: 70-75 degrees (21-24 Celsius). Average humiditiy: 35% Average rainfall 21". Approx sunrise: Summer 6:00 am, Winter 6:30 am. Approx sunset: Summer 7:00 pm, Winter 5:00 pm

Yahoo weather forecast for Provo.

Economy: While the salt industry and fishing were the main staples of the economy in the past, tourism and the offshore finance industry has now taken the least. Lobster and conch remain a main export. Practically all consumer goods and most food supplies are imported.

Currency: US Dollar, travelers checks and credit cards widely accepted. Need exchange rates? Try our currency converter.

Electricity: 110 volt/60 cycle, suitable for North American appliances.

Official Language: English.

Political Status: British Dependent Territory.

Population: Approximately 14,000.

Time: Eastern Standard Time from October to April, i.e. same time zone as the US East coast. Daylight Savings Time April through October.

Immigration and Entry: Visitors from the U.S.A and Canada may enter with a birth certificate and one photo ID card. All other visitors need a valid passport. Onward or return ticket is also required.

Departure Tax: Airport tax of $15 for persons 12 years of age and older upon departure.

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