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Cuba - Trip Reports

Blau Colonial, Cayo Coco

Well, We just got back from a week at the Blau! One of my best vacations! Here is the deal about the Blau..it is the old Colonial of the Tryp Cayo Coco...because the tryp was letting it slide away, the Government repossessed the Colonial, and they are now the owners, but they are letting the Blau Hotels manage it for them.

It is now a "4" star hotel (more a 3.5 to me but anyways) and the plan is to have it be a 5 star by Nov 2004 (if no delays) The Blau will be closed from April to Nov to finish its renovation. It has been closed for over a year now (it reopened Dec 20th for a short 4 months) We got the deal at 807$ for a week stay) but when it reopens it will be over the 1300$

The site is amazing, the colonial gives it a Cuban look (nothing like the freakin El Senador that looks like millions of hotels in Miami! Its gorgeous and lots of mature trees that other hotels lacks. Its got many many huts on the beach to be in the shades, its got also many chairs...plenty for everyone! I even had 2 one in the sun and one in the shade!

Same thing at the pools. There is 2 swimming pools at the Blau One beside the Kids Clubs, where there is also the Grill for lunch that serves, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets etc... and the other pool is at the opposite side with the wet bar! This pool is ALWAYS very quiet...it seems all the families and the kids go to the other, there is barely more then 10 people at that pool during the day and a bit more by the end of the day when people come relax and take a drink at the wet bar after there day at the beach.

Food is good...its not great (Except the Italian restaurant) Its a buffet and 2 a la carte restaurant....the Sea Food restaurant is not good at all except for the calamars. Its the only good food there...but the italian restaurant is amazing! They have lasagna, Spaghetti, Veal, Fish, Steak, Oysters...its really good! We went twice. When you get there you have 2 coupons per person to go the a la carte restaurants. You can buy some extra tickets for the price of 12$ per person. The buffet is different almost every night. The potatoes and veggies may come back 2-3 times in the week, but the meat is always different, there is always a little pasta bar with different noodles and sauces at nights, and lots and lots of fresh break, the only gross thing is the butter! Its really discuting! hehehe

Bedrooms are very basic right now, my parents had a renovated one and its just gorgeous! Mine was still very nice and freshly painted. The fridge didn't work at all so I called and they changed it by tuesday. The bed I had was bad, but I called the same night and they changed it to a brand new orthopedic mattress. They always leave you a bottle of water everyday!

The shops are nice and not expensive at all...but shop around, some are less expensive then the other for the exact same thing!

Overall its a great place and it will be even greater after there final renovations...!

Oh by the way, go for the massages! Rene and Marie are good, but Rene is the best ladies! hehehe nothing I have ever had in Canada! Very sensual but still proper!

Hope this helps...email me if you want more info!

Thanks to Annie for this trip report ...
February 2004

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