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Cuba - Trip Reports

El Senador

I travelled to El Senador with 3 other girls in July of 2003. We went for two weeks, which was barely long enough for us.

Room--The room was fantastic. We only paid for and expected to get a Club room however when we arrived we found we had been upgraded to a Jr. Suite. That was fantastic. The only minor (very minor) complaint was that we had very little water pressure. The other two girls in the room next to us has crazy amounts of pressure. So i guess it was very hit or miss.

Pools and Beaches--They were fantastic. Since it was the low season when we went there was only one pool that was open. Open in the sense that the pool bar was open and that was where all the activities took place. However all the other pools were open in the sense that you could swim in them if you wanted to. I swam in nearly all the pools and they were all warm and clean.

Food--I did not love the buffet food. But that being said Cuban food is very bland and i am not the most adventurous eater. There was tons of seafood, and the other girls seemed to love the food. The food in the restraunts was much better in my opinion. We only tried the Steakhouse and the Italian restraunt. We found that we usually forgot to make reservations until it was too late. So we did eat buffett a lot of the time.

Entertainment--There was tons of things going on all the time. There were various competitions (kayaking, tanning, games etc.) dancing, shows. The shows were very high quality. The dancers in the shows were very good. We were there for two weeks and saw a different show every night. There thankfully wan't too much audience participation either.

Staff--The staff were very friendly and warm. If you don't speak Spanish not to worry. Almost all of them speak English. And many speak french as well. All the animation team speak english and french fluently. Everyone was very friendly and quick to remedy any slight problems.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at acook7@cogeco.ca As well if anyone is planning on travelling to El Senador who wouldn't mind taking a letter to my friend, please email me as well. Thanks.

Thanks to Andrea for this trip report ...
September 2003

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