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Cuba - Trip Reports

Gran Club Santa Lucia

On May 13th 2003, my husband and I went to Santa Lucia in Cuba. We stayed at a hotel call "Gran Club Santa Lucia".

The Hotel was great. Very clean, friendly staff, and amazing beach front.

The food was buffet, and had a lot of variety. It wasn't the home cooked meal I am used to but I am not a picky eater. I had heard the food in Cuba is not that great, so I was surprised at how good the food was at the hotel.

However, the A la carte was not at all good. If you decide to take advantage of the booking once you get to the hotel, don't bother. It was not worth the time we spent finding the person to make the reservation. But, we got to eat outside, that was the best part.

The beach was beautiful and huge. The water was warm and blue. If you decide to go to this hotel I highly recommend that you bring your own snorkeling gear and water shoes. We found out that there are many under water sea creatures living there beacuse of the coral reaf. We never went with out our snorkling gear when we went into the water.

We took advantage of most of the excursions. They were all great. We took the 2 snorkeling boat trips. The day trip was the best. We went to a beach called Playa Bonita, it was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to (and I have seen my share of beaches). The trip to the city of Cameguey was alright but I would not recommend it. The Santa Lucia half day trip was much more enjoyable and didn't take up the whole day.

We also ate at the peir restaurant and that was very romantic. Food was good for Cuban standards.

The whole Santa Lucia area has 5 hotels. The grounds and outside area were very safe. I went jogging early in the morning and never felt threatend.

The only advise I would recommend is if you are going to book a rooom at this hotel or any hotel, I would say make sure your room is far as possible from the pool and stage where they do thier nightly entertaining. We were right next to all this and had a hard time taking aternoon naps. Or even want o go to bed befor 11 pm was hard because of all the noise. (I know. We aren't party people)

I would give this hotel a 4 out of 5.

If you have any more questions, you can e-mail me at jenifer@sympatico.ca.

One more thing...Bring old clothing, asprin, and tip the watressess they will treat you so much better. We had a table reserved by our watress, she would put he purse on a table that was the nicest location by the window.

Thanks to Jennifer for this trip report ...
May 2003

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