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Cuba - Trip Reports

Superclubs Breezes Costa Verde

We stayed at Superclubs Breezes Costa Verde from Mai 2. to Mai 16. This was our second vacation in Cuba an it won't be the lastest, in fact of the very nice people.

The hotel was excellent. Sure you can find things they are not the best but all in all we had a super vacation. The food the rooms, we think everything was more than ok. Jimmy's is an open air buffet restaurant and you find a lot of food you will like. The Italian and the Japanese restaurant was a real pleasure. The Cuban was not the best , but it was ok. In 2000 we stayed at Varadero and we like to say that we enjoyed the beach at Costa Verde more than in Varadero. A paradise for snorkelling. Look after the the small stones and corals and you won't have a real problem.

I am an enthusiastic tennis player, and it was a pleasure for me that nobody else need the service of the excellent Tennis Pro Damaris. She is a very lovely person and have great training methods . If you go to Breezes Costa Verde please say her hallo from Ralf.


For two days we rented a moped. You can be sure itīs absolute safe because there is no traffic on the street. Make sure that you are back at the hotel before sunset because there are no lights on the streets but many persons and animals .

We went by taxi for a 6 hour trip to Holguin. Ask at the front desk for Manuel. He is a very nice guy . He will show you a lot of things about the life in Cuba and a lot of interesting places. Sure itīs not cheap (70 US$ for taxi and we gave him a 10 $ tip, the 70 $ are not for his own pocket and all Cubans a very small salary) but you'll spend your money for an very interesting trip.

Some last words

The Cuban people are very proud, honesty and modesty. Most of them would never ask you for things. But I like to say, if you have the chance to bring things you don't need at home, (for example shirts and shoes or towels our what is very important all kind off medicine) bring these things with you and give it to the people you know. They would be grateful. We had the chance because on an transatlantic flight from Europe to the Caribbean Islands you have two free pieces of luggage .

Enjoy your vacation in Cuba. You'll have a super time.

Thanks to Sibylle and Ralf for this trip report ...
May 2003

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