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Cuba - Trip Reports

Sol Club Cayo Guillermo

My Wife and I visited this resort in Nov. 2002. This was our third trip in the last three years to Cuba, and our first to this resort.We were interested in a quiet, relaxing vacation. The weather was not the best the week we were there, so beware of November. It rained, and was overcast for about 80% of the week that we spent there. My wife complained a lot about sand fleas biting her, as did many others. They didn't seem to bother me though. We did have OFF with us, and if we had known about the sand fleas earlier we could have used it. There did not seem to be any mosquitoes, as they sprayed the resort at dawn and sunset. You might want to run for cover when you hear the spray machine!

Our room was nice, however the roof did leak with all the rain. We didn't report it to management, as we didn't want to move to another room, as we were close to all the facilities and the beach. Some of the rooms can be quite a distance from everything, and when it is pouring rain we did see a number of people soaked. We just moved the furniture out of the leaking areas, and there were several!

We did not spend any time at the pool when the weather did break, but spent our time at the beach. The pool looked really nice. The beach had a lot of sea weed from all the bad weather I guess. The beach was very narrow, with long grasses about 20 feet from the water. The ocean bottom was nice sand. They did eventually come and clean up some of the seaweed each day, but it was usually late in the afternoon.

We did go out snorkelling at the reef directly out from the resort. (about 1 mile). Cost was $11.00 each. Coral was nice, and good number of fish. There was also some wreckage from a ship that was interesting.

The food was typical Cuban food. don't go here, or Cuba for that matter if you want gourmet food. We ate at the buffet for all our breakfasts, once at lunch, and for all our dinners except one. We ate at the specialty restaruant once for dinner, and at the beach restaraunt for most lunches. No real complaints on the food.

The resort itself had very lush vegetation. Everything was well tended, and all the people that worked at this resort were extremely pleasant. We noticed this more so than past resorts we have been to in Cuba.

We only took in one show, and it was very entertaining. There is a disco on the property, but we did not bother to go.

Drink selection was very good, and again the bartenders were very efficient. Hardly any waiting for drinks.

We will likely never return to this resort, unlike our previous visits to Sierra Mar, and Club Santa Lucia. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it a 7.

Thanks to Fred for this trip report ...
November 2002

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