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Cuba - Trip Reports

Riu Turquesa, Varadero

I was a little worried about this resort before going, as I read very few reviews, and the price was very low...approx $1100 Cdn for one week. But let me say that my expectations were exceeded by far.

1. Rooms: Nothing fabulous, but very clean and spacious. Pillows were very flat, but I got additional ones as soon as I asked. The room has two twin beds which I pushed together, a mini fridge which is stocked with pop beer and water, there is also a bottle of rum on the desk. They had no problem with suppling me with diet pop when I asked. The bathroom is large, but simple and the supply of soap and shampoo is limited, so bring your own. Also no face cloths. The best buildings are 500 and 600. They are bungalows with 8 rooms per building and are very spread out, so you should request a room close to the pool. We had room 565, which was on the 2nd floor, and had a great view. There are no "ocean view" rooms. Maid service was excellent and the room was cleaned by at 10:00 each day, they do however; expect tips and like gifts of soap, shampoo, gel and other personal products. They always made beautiful arrangements with the towels,even when I left no tip. I was happy with the room, and it fully met the 4* quality.

2.Food: Well what can I say..."it was good for Cuba" definitly not excellent, but it was as good as I expected. There is no al a carte, only buffett. The fruit and salad was excellent, but bring your own dressing, as they only had vinigar and oil. The meat consisted of always pork, fish, and chicken. They also always have one specialty dish, such as turkey, ham etc. The lunch food at the buffet was almost exactly the same at the evening, but you can also eat at the grill at the pool bar which has hamburgers, fries, sandwitches, fish. They serve lobster once every 10 days.

3. Staff: The staff are the best I have ever seen. They made the resort what it is. Bring gifts with you. They also are always tipped, as they make only $20 per month. Not much to say but "Fabulous"!!

4. Beach: Best on the strip. Must go early to get good chairs. Also bring a thermous mug with you as the glasses at the beach bar and pool are very small, and get warm quickly.

Other Good Points:

1. no wrist band
2. good selection of drinks
3. Bar at lobby is the best, but lots of mosiqitos (sp?)
4. Massage "excellent" the best I've ever had, only $20 US, and the guy is a professional.
5. Entertainment: Show every night, staff work very hard, and it is good, they have 3 professional dancers. They don't hassel you if you do not want to take part in day time activities, but they are fun.
6. Parasails, sailboats, paddleboats, catamarans, all available for use, but don't expect any lessons. We got lessons in exchange for an old pair of sport sandels.
7. 2 shops, sell real "coca cola" and other snacks and things.
8. Trip to Havana is excellent and a must do.
9. No internet access, but they do let you use their computer for sending and recieving emails.

Things to Bring:

1. Lots of $1.00 for tips
2. Any old clothes or shoes for the staff
3. Candy for the children
4. Face Cloths
5. Thermos Mugs
6. Your favorate salad dressing
7. Snacks such as chips, as they are very very expensive, and selection limited.

Thanks to Danette for this trip report ...
April 2002

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