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Cuba - Trip Reports

Hotel Coralia Club Playa de Oro, Varadero


We’ve just been at the coralia club playa de oro for 14 nights (fr. 18/7/1 to 2/8/1) on our honeymoon. We have the following comments for those going to the same hotel on an “all inclusive ­ AI” basis.

In our opinion:

Good points:

- Hotel location. Great and located by the white sandy beach. However, according to the locals storms and bad weather have reduced the beach considerably. At the moment it’s far too narrow. Hope they’ll fix it soon.

- Hotel facilities. Overall very good as expected from a 4 diamond hotel (I don’t know if it’s the equivalent to a 4 star hotel). Large swimming pool. Although the swimming Jacuzzi and bar were not working at the time (and we found out that have been out of ordered for months ­ why? Nobody knew!). Tennis courts, volleybeach (my favourite), archery, spanish lessons, and lots and lots of other activities.

- Rooms: large and spacious. TV and thanks God for the air conditioning. There is a small fridge in the room but it’s empty so you have to buy refreshment yourself from the shop (we found this a bit odd).

- Animation staff. Very good. Very enthusiastic. Helpful and get people involved in activities and games. There is a great show every night.

- Weather: I think summer it’s the starting of the raining season. Storms in the late afternoon were common. It was nice and a bit cooler after them. Temperature no higher than 33°C but very humid.

- Water equipment. Non-motorized equipment it’s free. So you can enjoy windsurfing, canoeing or going out on a catamaran. Great fun to have.

Bad points:

- Food: although we were on an AI basis and there was a b’fast/lunch/dinner buffet we felt that the food quality was not according to a 4 star hotel. We tried all 3 restaurants and were not satisfied. Perhaps, we are very fussy. However, we could tell the difference on Friday nights when they have what the hotel calls “Gala night” where the food is much, much better that whatever is available during the rest of the week. Pitty, this only happens on Friday nights.

- Bar and waiter staff: overall very slow and seemed like they didn’t care whether you were being served or not. At time we had to wait 10-15 minutes to get a mere “hotel cocktail”. I call it “hotel cocktail” because if you go out and order the same cocktail that you ordered at the bar in the hotel ­ well, you can tell the difference straight away. (I guess those are the disadvantages of an AI holiday.)

Overall verdict:

- We went to Cuba to enjoy the sun and the beach. And oh boy, we did enjoy it. The place is fantastic and the facilities are good (apart for those mentioned above). We are sure that anyone going to Cuba and to this hotel in particular will have a wonderful time. However, we just feel we have to mention the reality of thing since these holidays are not cheap and you would expect good service and things to be functioning correctly.

- If we could turn the clock back I’m sorry but I wouldn’t go back to the coralia club playa de oro. My wife would, though, so there! Anyway whatever you decide to do enjoy your holiday.

Any comments welcome.

Thanks to Manuel for this trip report ...
August 2001

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