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Cuba - Trip Reports

Maritim Costa Verde

"The Truth The Whole Truth AND Nothing But The Truth"

Well where do you begin the food was good always a variety so if you not like certain foods you always had other options.

The Reception staff i found that considering the majority of people on holiday ( vacation) spoke english the reception staff did not speak english well enough so we had the typical response of the hands bieng waved in the air and the shrug of the shoulders.

The pool was fine maybe could have been a little deeper in places. The pool bar however was ok when you could get the staff down there to serve more regular. Also the pool itself realy needs night lightes on in the evening it would look fantastic, The snack bar was ok the hamburgers are great if you miss breakfast or dinner but the bar itself could do with maybe a kariokie or just background music.

The disco/nightclub was ok apart from the music YES i know some people would say when in cuba listen to cuban music but i just think that the nightclub needs a better mix of differant music that the people on holiday can really dance to and not just the DJs own personel choice.

The rooms i found were clean and tiday apart from the odd frog that creeps in and the odd lizard but hey your in the carribean and thats where they live so just take it in your stride and put the creatures back in the wild.

The snorkelling is great just a few rocks that you have to walk on to get out enought to get your fins on or if thats a problem walk out from the beach instead of using the steps on to the rocks.

Tours well it depends on your taste i went deep sea fishing ans was dissapointed as they cast the lines and just trawl with the lines out for 5 hours and if your really realy lucky you may catch a big one i spent 14 days at the resort and never heard of anyone catching any fish so my view give the sea fishing a miss.. THE JUNGLE TOUR well as you have probably alreafy read its not about the jungle its about pure adrenlin and speed driving your own speedboat all i will say about this tour is dont miss out do it i went on it twice it was that good... The day trip to Holguin was supposed to be a visit to a cigar factory ... we did that ... then should have went to a pottery factory we never did that just walked around holguin that was ok apart from the some people begging.

So you want my true opinion yes the resort is worthy of a 4 star rating.. What would i change well,,,, i would get more english speaking staff on reception and as waiters and give the bar staff a kick up the backsides to serve guests quicker. After all would they rather work at resorts or work on the fields or in the cigar factory on real mabual work.

Well i will end my review here but if anyone is going to this resort and have any questions please feel free to mail me direct with any questions they may have i will reply. Jst a quick hi goes out to Stu and Jill and those crazy canadians who i had the great pleasure of meeting.... Even the ones who milked the cows and drank those wussy drinks. Remember everyone keep your eye on amber. Adious Amigos From the resident Englander.

Pssssttt Remember any questions mail me (guideqq@hotmail.com) ans i will respond.

I could go on forever there is so much more i could say so if you want more information please feel free to mail me with any questioins and i do mean any questions you ask it i'll tell you the real and whole TRUTH

Thanks to Ken (England) for this trip report ...
April 2004

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