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Cuba - Trip Reports

Sol Cayo Largo

Hi all; And many thanks for your patience waiting for me to get this out. Truth of the matter is that this is the first time I have been out of bed for more thatn one hour at a time since we hit home on Friday at noon!!! Nothing that has anything to do with the trip, just one of my headaches from "Hell" that is really hanging on this time. And so now on to Cayo Largo.

The flight was with Skyservice and since this topic has been hashed to death I will lay low on the topic and just say to remember to take a snack, something to drink and remember that you will be there very shortly. The airport ritual is amazingly speedy and before you know it, you are on your mini van and at the front door of your hotel!!! Our room was not ready as we arrived before 3 but we were prepared for that and went and got our towels, had lunch, oriented ourselves and made reservations for the al la cartes. By that time the room was ready and it was exactly as the photos on cayolargo.net show. We had NO problem at any time during our 2 weeks with any part of the room. There was more than enough drawers and hanging space. Great lighting, very clean, every day, A/C worked well as did the ceiling fan. This has to be the first resort that we have ever been to that there was hot water EVERY evening when we showered before supper and the flow was more than adeqate.

Food.............not one thing to complain about in our opinion. If there is nothing here for you to eat, then you are waaay too picky in our opinion. Breakfast had the fresh omelette station as well as the fresh teeny little pancakes/crepes. And of course all the bacon and sausage and cereal and juice and fruit,etc............ Lunch, we ate at the beach grill and found it more than adequate with a small salad buffet and then a choice of the menu from the grill which consists of chicken, fish,filet or whole, pork chops,calamari,beefsteak and we sampled then all and found them to be great. A small desert buffet rounded out the meal.

Supper was in the buffet and like all buffets, there were the salad, fruit,bread, soup sections and as well, a fresh grill section of mainly, chicken, fish, pork,beef,lamb,calamari with onions,mushrooms,etc on the side. As well, there was the pasta section which was VERY popular and the lineup long. And of course the dessert section with the most wonderful ice cream and fried bananas!!! and pastries and cakes.

So needless to say, we did not go hungry and did in fact gain weight over the 2 weeks!!!

The weather for our 2 weeks was wonderful..........only 1 day below 30 degrees and cloudy, the rest being the real reason we went to the Caribbean ...........sun and sand....and we lucked out!!!!! It was however VERY windy and because of that the beach was red flagged for 9 of the 13 full days that we were there. Now this is supposed to be HIGHLY unusual for this time of the year. I did put a real damper on the fishing off shore for hubby and for the snorkelling as well. Having said that we did see one gentleman walking down the beach with an 8 lb snook that we are sure he caught from shore. As fir the snorkelling, we did go on the catamaran (Ciprey) trip and so did get some snorkelling in, just not what we are accustomed to.

The trip home took a lot longer than the original flight plan but that is nothing to do with Cayo Largo but in fact due to the Cuban Gov't (or at least that is how it was all explained to us!!!).

I am sure that there is probably many more details that many of you are anxious to hear about and so if I can help, please just mail me and I will do my best to help you out.

Oh, and I almost forgot......this place has to have one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever been to!!! The colour of the water is amazing and the texture of the sand is to dye for.

We had a wonderful vacation and would not hesitate for one second in recommending this resort to anyone who is looking for peace and quiet, sun and sand, good food, booze and coffee!!!

Thanks to Thai for this trip report ...
February 2004

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