Natural Attractions

Blue Creek Cave : Blue Hole : Chumpiate Maya Cave : Hidden Valley Falls :
Rio Frio Cave : Rio On Pools : St. Herman's Cave : Santa Cruz Falls

Blue Hole

At Blue Hole National Park. 12 miles south on Hummingbird Highway. Visitors are welcomed to take a cool dip in this 25-foot-deep pool of sparkling sapphire water located in a rain forest. Caves Branch: 14 miles south on the Hummingbird Highway. Tube your way through miles of magnificent underground river caves. Professional guides mandatory.

St. Herman's Cave

Reached by rugged hiking trail from the Blue Hole. Large sinkhole funnels into smaller entrance. Concrete steps lead into the darkness.

Hidden Valley Falls

Mountain Pine Ridge. Water cascades over two steep edges disappearing into the jungle. Viewed from an overlook across a ravine.

Five Sisters Falls: Near Blancaneaux. Five waterfalls spill into one big pool. Steps with orchids growing out of the stones lead down into the water. Gazebo for picnicking.

Rio Frio Cave

Mountain Pine Ridge. Spectacular cave half-mile long. Eerie light spills over huge boulders and structures.

Blue Creek Cave

Near Blue Creek village. Sparkling stream and path leading to cave. Embroidery shop just off the road side at the start of the trail which is run by the village's Kekchi Indian women.

Santa Cruz Falls

Between Santa Cruz and Santa Elena Villages. Cascading waters from the Maya mountains.

Clarissa Falls: Off the Western Highway, about 3 miles from San Ignacio. Swim or go tubing in the bubbling creek.

Chumpiate Maya Cave

Vaca Falls area. The limestone cave features enormous Maya pottery untouched for thousands of years.

Rio On Pools

Near Rio Frio Cave. Go swimming in a series of mini pools which create a series of falls. Start at the top and work your way down. Breathtaking panoramic view.

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