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Home > Destinations > Antigua and Barbuda > Trip Reports > Trip Report

Antigua and Barbuda - Trip Reports

Galley Bay

From the moment we arrived at Galley Bay, we knew we had made the right choice. My new husband and I, along with two other couples, quickly were given all our information at the registration desk and were ushered to the bar for our first drinks on the island. The view as we stepped into the open air bar was astonishing. It took my breath away. Then, we were taken to our Gauguin cottage (#18) were we stayed the whole week.

The resort is immaculately kept. The landscaping is beautiful and they use the flowers that bloom throughout the gardens to fill the vases at the restaurant.

The food is delicious. Three meals a day plus tea time. I'm not British but quickly grew accustomed to tea time. I really enjoyed eating at the Gauguin restaurant. It requires a reservation, but on both occasions we ate at the table closest to the ocean. It was very romantic. I have to say that I was not dissapointed in any of the dishes we ate. Wednesday night was the manager's cocktail (right before dinner). The hors d'oeuvres were delicious. Thursday night was the BBQ night and I was not ready for the amount of food that was laid out for us, especially the dessert table.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, though they follow all the rules, including wearing a collared shirt after 7pm (for the men). My husband was turned away one night when he forgot. He didn't mind. He liked the idea of not being too casual for dinner.

The beach was beautiful. The resort is enclosed by two cliffs, on the bay. The beach spans 3/4 mile. Some spots have rocks, but the majority is fine. The water is clear. The sand has a shimmer like I've never seen before. Non-motorized sports are included and so we did some kayaking and snorkeling. Others went sailing. We also rented a wave runner (but that extra from a guy who is set up at the Royal Antiguan next door). Which brings me to my next point. No beach vendors! That was great. There is only one lady on the whole beach who sells t-shirts and braids hair. However, she does not come over to hassle you.

One of the days, we went on the Wadadli Cats catamran for a circumnavigation of the island. It was a great trip. We had a a great time, saw the whole island from the water, had a beach bbq, went snorkeling and swimming off Green Island and Turner's Beach. I was able to see all the other hotels as we picked up others. It was then that I realized that choosing Galley Bay for our Antiguan honeymoon was the best choice. Sure, we could have maybe stayed at Jumby Bay and paid $1200 a night (NOT!). In any case, I was not impressed by any of the other resorts at all. I even saw the envious looks of others as we were led off the catamaran.

Let's see, what did I forget? We played tennis on two occasions. Enjoyed the pool with its cascade. Had an over all fabulous time.

I highly recommend Galley Bay.

Thanks to Riselda for this trip report ...
January 2003

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